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Crêpes, this year we added Le Panier at Riverside Market to our “en plein air” excursions. At the beginning of Term 3 the boys delivered one of our best and most memorable International Languages Chapel Service. This year we linked the garden metaphor of Farid Ahmed, survivor of the Christchurch Mosque attacks, describing us all as different flowers in the garden of Christchurch, different in culture and religion but “together we are one garden” to Waiho i te toipoto, kaua i te toiroa (Let us keep close together not far apart). Students Angus Murray, Edward Hsing, Hanson Xie, William Koko, Homare Nakajima, Raz Tripp, Sumin Jung, Tom Rose and Yusef Elnahas read – with great dignity and presence – prayers in languages other than English, giving the rest of the school a unique opportunity to hear the beauty of the languages of both our school community and the world in general, on one specific occasion and in one singular place. The choir, under the direction of Director of Music Robert Aburn, led “He Ho ¯ nore” and Beethoven’s “Ode to Joy” beautifully. I would like to thank the Rev. Bosco Peters for his support of our service, which has now been going for more than 20 years. Japanese teacher Steve Everingham and Executive Principal Garth Wynne were invited to attend a special celebration at our brother school Konan Boys’ High School in Japan in April. As part of their centennial festivities representatives of exchange partner schools joined with Konan to mark the ongoing success of these partnerships with this Japanese high school. College has had a strong relationship with Konan for many years now and this looks set to continue. This year marked the inaugural Akaroa intensive for senior French students. In association with the Akaroa Museum students were able to study first-hand transcripts, not translations, of Captain Lavaud’s letters back to his masters in France, and gain a sense of the realities of life


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