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With the transition to the new year upon us, there is another exciting announcement to make: Psychology will be offered as an NCEA course option for 2020. To be taught by Callum Bell, this is a fresh initiative which aims to bridge the space between the sciences and the humanities in a way that allows the students who take the course to bring their individual strengths to the table. With the recent approval of Psychology as a University Entrance subject, this will provide our students with a modern and relevant pathway to tertiary education. As the world becomes increasingly dynamic and our need to understand one another grows, it is our hope that Psychology as a subject will go some way to helping our students better understand themselves and those around them. Psychology will be offered at Year 12 in 2020 and Year 13 in 2021.

His ready smile and precise notes and delivery are very welcome. Dr Andrew Taylor has taken College into the space race with his interest in “Astronomy Looking Down”, using satellites to capture images on earth and inspiring his students to reach for the stars. First, he devised a project using satellite imaging to look at the flow rate of Canterbury rivers. Students were involved at every level, from analysing the captured images and confirming flow rates to presenting the data to the Christchurch City Council, and the work resulted in a commendation and prize in the New Zealand Aerospace Challenge 2019. Then, he and his student assistants placed reflectors in carefully calculated positions in Hagley Park, the satellite traversing above capturing the reflected light below and creating a familiar star pattern. From this proof of concept Andrew produced a limited edition set of Christmas cards featuring the Southern Cross, designed to raise funds for the Christchurch City Mission. The department will continue to present innovative responses to the technological changes that occur in society, because so many of them require a basic understanding of the physical principles and knowledge taught in our subject.

Term 2, when Carey Prebble went on maternity leave and Sam Leary joined the team. Sam brings a wealth of knowledge and experience from his background as a fine furniture maker, and Technology teacher at Burnside High School. In 2020, he will be a familiar face in Materials Technology and Mechanical Engineering classes, as will Carey in Materials Technology and DVC on her return. At the end of 2019, we farewelled and thanked Paul Rodley for his ongoing support as a part-time teacher in Digital Technology. In 2020, he will focus on his role as Director of Digital Services at College. Materials Technology and Mechanical Engineering This has been a productive year in the workshops, with students experiencing hands-on technological practice. All Year 9 students have had time in the workshops developing skills in either wood or metal and using skills specific to the material, as well as learning about general workshop safety and design. Year 10 students have experienced a more practical programme focused on the design and development of an item of furniture. They have experimented with different materials and processes, which has led them to develop a broad range of techniques during the design and build of their pieces. Senior students have worked on a variety of interesting and challenging projects across several different materials. In Year 11, a focus on craftsmanship has encouraged students to work on the finer detail and design of bespoke products. In Years 12 and 13, students had the option to specialise in either Materials Technology or Mechanical

Physics Results from the 2018 NCEA

examinations showed continued very high grades achieved by students, reflecting the high standards expected of students and teachers in the department. The wide range of technological innovation across all sectors of the economy means all students, whatever their abilities, require a grounding in the physical sciences and the programme is being adjusted so the content becomes more accessible for everyone. The focus on relevance and career opportunities, across all walks of life, reflects the number of boys choosing to study Physics. This will future- proof many educational pathways for our students and demystify the content and processes, which will be useful as they adapt to technological advances throughout their lives. We farewelled teacher Chris Hill during the year, and wish him all the best for his change away from teaching after many valuable years helping College students excel. We then welcomed Victor Sue-Tang, who has retained the tight academic focus and enthusiasm for the subject and for College that his predecessor had.

Graeme Swanson HoD Biology Scott Franklin HoD Chemistry Dr David Newton HoD Physics

TECHNOLOGY 2019 has been a positive and productive year within the Technology area. Staff have

Engineering. While the former continues with a focus on the

design and development of bespoke furniture, the latter exposes students to mechanical engineering in a practical context that builds towards careers in the trades. Students have also learned to combine CNC equipment, 3D printers and laser cutters, alongside their existing

continued to develop their teaching and learning programmes, thanks to an ongoing commitment to collaboration, further study, and participation in professional development opportunities. Some staff changes occurred at the end of


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