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Jordy Annand

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service The recipient of this prize has had a very busy year. He was our senior athletics champion and achieved excellent results at regional and national competitions. He captained the 1st XI football side and the team reached the national premier tournament for the first time in 20 years. He earned a Gold Tie for NCEA Level 2. On top of all of these achievements, Jordy has led our Environment Committee to new heights in terms of student participation, especially in the cultivation of native plants on site and planting in the Red Zone. We now have a large group of participants, across all year levels, working for a more sustainable future. He has communicated with other schools and facilitated the creation of satellite nurseries. Jordy has fostered teamwork and set a good example in his own work ethic, along with demonstrating selfless service. He has taken a quiet pride in what has been achieved, but also humility in allowing others to take credit for these fine environmental efforts. It is fitting that Jordy has recently been awarded a University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Entrance Scholarship.

Matias Biraben-Clough

Executive Principal’s Prize for Service The Wellbeing Committee, led by Matias, was very active this year in raising awareness about the importance of wellbeing in our daily lives at College. This was a challenging leadership role, which Matias handled very maturely and skilfully, with a wry sense of humour. He showed a lot of courage in tackling issues relating to mental health and encouraging boys to talk about their concerns, to seek help and to help others. He was very effective as the MC for Mike King’s visit to College. Matias organised wellbeing events at College, including cricket and yoga on the Quad, spoke with great candour at assemblies, and was not afraid to tackle the tough issues relating to personal wellbeing. He also played an important leadership role at the Grow Waitaha Canterbury schools’ wellbeing huis. He has achieved all this while being very involved in the wider life of the school, including as captain of the 2nd XI football team, and commitments to athletics and cross country. Matias has a strong sense of purpose and is respected by staff and students alike. He has a very collaborative leadership style. It is appropriate that he has recently been awarded a University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Entrance Scholarship.

Nicholas Lidstone

HM Chrystall Prize for All-round Merit in Sport and Scholarship Nicholas is a truly well-rounded College student. He has been involved in an impressive array of school activities, including the cultural life of the school, through participation and leadership in three choirs, the combined orchestra and the Big Band, as well as performing music for five school productions. He is also very well known for his sporting prowess and the Chrystall Prize acknowledges his sporting achievements as well as his academic accolades. Nicholas was in the hockey 1st XI from Years 9–12. He received Colours twice for hockey, and was a member of the New Zealand U18 squad for two years. Injury prevented him from participating in his final season. He has been captain of the cricket 1st XI, with three Colours awards, and was selected for the New Zealand U19 squad in Year 13. He has been named captain of the Canterbury U19 cricket side, and was also recently selected to play for the Canterbury A men’s cricket side to play Otago. He has an impressive academic record in NCEA results and has received a Gold Tie twice. He has been awarded a University of Auckland Top Achiever Scholarship as well as a UC Emerging Leaders’ Scholarship for sport. Nicholas has reached very high standards in all aspects of his College life and is an inspiration to younger students who aspire to all-round excellence.


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