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Career profiles When Year 11, 12 and 13 boys have their career interviews, I produce a career profile that

USA, Alex Baird – journalism, George Blake and Ben Marshall-Lee – first year university advice, and William Lovell – assurance PwC. My thanks to all involved. I am pleased to report they enjoyed their interaction with the boys. Careers in the curriculum Our different subject areas are always keen to have visiting speakers come and talk to classes. Agribusiness and Technology are two areas in particular that lend themselves to this. We are lucky to have access to experts in

various fields and the students see it as valuable learning experience. My thanks to: CEO Ngai Tahu Farming Andrew Priest, who spoke about the technologies employed by Ngai Tahu dairy farms to manage effluent runoff and nitrate leaching; farmer Alex Irvine, who talked about future proofing in the dairy industry; company director and businessman Trevor Burt, who discussed business structures; and manager Brett Shea, who talked about Farmlands rural supplies cooperative. Business teams in the Agribusiness class were helped

covers the following: their current subjects, subjects they are enjoying the most, character strengths, educational achievements, and other achievements. We also cover any work-related experiences (both paid and unpaid), interests and hobbies, co-curricular activities, short- and long-term career goals, and subjects to consider for the following year. Aspects of the above are discussed and I follow-up with a phone call to parents or caregivers. Copies of this information is then placed on Schoolbox. Immerse & Inspire During the four-week residential programme Immerse & Inspire, Year 10 boys take a short careers module called “My Career Plan”. This covers a range of themes, including: Who am I? What sort of person am I? (using John Holland’s theory of career choice), work values, jobs by interest, a career investigation, subject choices, skills employers are looking for, and an action plan. It concludes with the preparation of a simple curriculum vitae, which I encourage the boys to keep up to date. Old Boys as mentors The number of Old Boys who visit College to talk to interested boys increased this year, with the following kindly giving their time: Chris Newman – law, Tim Sellars – music, drums and percussion, Tyler Koning – agribusiness, Sam Botherway – aviation, Winston Cosgrove – army, Nick Harvey – advertising and business, Andrew Springford – accounting and business, Cameron Smith – rowing and studying in the


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