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Flower’s House – Will Greenslade Richards House – Ben Westley School House – Thomas Graham Most Active Boarders in the Boarding Programme Flower’s House – Jackson Flint Richards House – Michael Li School House – Matthew O'Connor Most Promising Year 11 Agricultural Student School House – Louie Bethell Rutherford Cups Awarded to one boy in each boarding House who has made a difference this year, based on citizenship and service in their House. Flower’s House – Tom Davidson Richards House – Shun Miyake School House – Lachie Harper Finally, Sam Averill (School House) was announced as Head of Boarding for 2020.


nationwide construction company managing projects across both the North and South Islands. Toby gave an authentic and personal talk about his life since College, including his memories of College and the life lessons and skills he gained through boarding; his journey since leaving College and how where he is now may not be where he thought he would be; and his comparisons of boarding as a student and then, 10 years later, as a House Tutor.

The 15th Annual Boarding Awards Dinner was held at the start of Term 4. It was again a chance to celebrate the opportunities and successes which have taken place in boarding this year. Guest speaker for the evening was Old Boy Toby Pizey, who was in School House from 2002–06. Since leaving College, Toby has completed a Bachelor of Science at the University of Canterbury, majoring in Biology, before changing tack after the earthquakes and completing a Master of Engineering. He now works for a


Darrell Thatcher Director of Boarding and the Centre for Character & Leadership

Awarded to boys who, in the eyes of their Housemasters, have stood out either throughout the year or in a specific activity during the year.


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