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kindness, along with humour. The House has made significant progress towards my end goals and, as one parent commented, “There is a real buzz of positivity around the place.” What continues to impress me is the boys’ willingness to take responsibility for themselves, being honest and fronting up when making poor choices and having pride in the House the way I do. I have mentioned Rem Bene – doing the right thing – numerous times in House assemblies and it seems to be getting through. From participating appropriately in Chapel to training hard on the sports field, Corfe culture is strong, which makes me very proud. I have seen a real growth in the maturity of the boys. A big part of the success of the year was due to the Year 13 cohort and the support they have given one another. Oliver Beresford quietly led from the front and was supported by the more animated Alex McKenzie- Rimmer. These two clearly had the respect of the boys throughout the year group. I believe boys need to take more responsibility as they reach the senior years, and with responsibility their character will show. The leaders supported each other and the House, but also felt supported by me and my assistants. There is a positive interaction between the year groups and all the boys got on with their activities with very little help. In recent years Corfe House has had great success in interhouse competitions, and individual boys have achieved well, academically, culturally and in sporting endeavours. Our ethos is that you give everything your best shot and make the most of your time in the House and at College.

In my end-of-year speech to the House I thanked my assistant Housemasters for their commitment and support. Next year three new teachers will join the Corfe House team, which will add a fresh perspective. Ben Sheat, who has been head coach of the Senior A basketball team, is here to teach Physical Education, and we will also be joined by a new Mathematics teacher and a new English teacher, so we will be well covered. INTERHOUSE EVENTS Athletics The preparations for the athletics sports started at the beginning of Term 1 and ended with a very successful event. Again, the boys did a fantastic job, led by the Head of House. Oliver competed in a number of championship events, supported by Dominic Edmond, winner of the 1500m, and Kyle Houston, winner of the Intermediate 800m, 1500m and 3000m races. A great effort. I was impressed by the boys, particularly in terms of their camaraderie and patience. Without doubt, it is a long day, and I was very pleased by their attitude and enthusiasm. Swimming Sports Corfe came a very pleasing 2nd overall in the school swimming sports. Nathan Penrose was a standout in the Senior grade, coming a very close second to Louis Clark from Rolleston House, and our House medley relay came 1st. Well done to Jono Henderson, Kyle Houston, Moe Gath and Harvey Watson who had great swims. We made the choice late in the meet to swim some boys up a grade. This left us without a junior relay team and we were unable to gain the points we needed to win

Housemaster: Ian Stevenson Deputy Housemaster: Dr Briar Wait Assistant Housemasters: Zac Knight, Andrew Levenger, Ginny Patterson, Sam Stevenson Head of House: Oliver Beresford Deputy Head of House: Alex McKenzie-Rimmer It has been another incredibly challenging but satisfying year for me and the Corfe House community in 2019. It has been an absolute pleasure again to lead the House and to have a deputy for the first time. Dr Briar Wait was my number two and another adult in the House, especially on Wednesday. I would like to thank her for looking after the House when I came down with a nasty Bell's palsy and shingles combination in the middle of the year. I would like to formally wish Briar all the best as she takes over from Neil Nicholson as Housemaster of Rolleston House in 2020. She has the respect of the boys and I am certain she will be great. I would also like to welcome Sam Stevenson, History teacher and, sorry boys, not my daughter! Sam becomes my deputy from next year and will be a massive asset in the role. I am looking forward to her input into the running of the House. Looking back, when taking over Corfe House in mid-2017, I had some very specific goals with regard to community, compassion and


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