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with the Old Boys themselves, will greatly miss her and wish her well. We will welcome our new Alumni Manager Lizzie Dyer in 2020. Could we please thank Justine. College has had another very successful year. The way boys have studied and applied themselves to their academic work, the first amongst equals in this place, and the way they have competed for and represented themselves, their families, our school and, in some cases, Canterbury and New Zealand across both the academic and co- curricular domains as individuals and in teams, is something of which we should all be proud. I am not particularly interested in comparative results, although I would rather win than lose in whatever context. It is well known that comparison is the thief of all joy and, despite what some might think, College is all about joy ... the joy of learning, the joy of friendship and the joy of just being a boy growing into manhood. For most of the time our Year 13 leavers have been at College, that experience has had as its

driving force a focus on improved, more personalised and equitable opportunities, no matter what programme a boy might choose; the Round Square IDEALS of Internationalism, Democracy, Environmentalism, Adventure, Leadership and Service; and a more overt and intentional focus across the entire school on health and wellbeing. These themes have changed and challenged aspects of the school and each of us as individuals and will continue to do so ... such a restless environment is needed if we intend to achieve our goals and aspirations and stay on pace as the exceptional school we claim to be. We are now, as a community, reflecting on where we place emphasis for the period leading up to 2025, our 175th anniversary. What is an education worth having in this ever-changing world and where does the College experience fit into that? There is an expectation in moments such as these to give advice and provoke, so I say this to all gathered here today, especially the boys …

The terror attack in Christchurch on Friday 15 March, when a white supremacist extremist killed 51 innocent people at prayer, has – in many ways – cast its long shadow over the experience of this 2019 year. How we felt, how we reacted and what we take from that day forward into our lives, set all other events in this College and city into perspective. My challenge to you is to take the experience of Christ’s College and a deep reflection on the events of 15 March and make a good life for yourself and those you love now and will come to love in the future. My advice is to be the intentional designer of your own life in a way that serves you and the community of which you are a part. Too often what is heard is complaint and blame attribution about what is happening in one’s own circle of influence, rather than gratefulness for all that one has and a clearly understood purpose for self. Whether you are leaving or staying today your future, your place in the world, your relationships, your wellbeing and your legacy is your responsibility. Be informed, be thoughtful, be kind and, by your own considered actions, use your strengths to be your best self. Thank you again to the parents gathered here and the incredible staff for your ongoing support of all things College and thank you boys for being that Christ’s College. Have a wonderful Christmas and I trust that Christ’s example continues to guide you in all that you do.

Garth Wynne Executive Principal


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