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I would also like to say a huge thank you to Matron Karen Adams. Karen is one of the most important people to the boarders in Flower’s, right from the get go in Year 9. She is one of the best in her job, and never ceases to amaze us with how much she cares for each and every one of us. Every boy in the House has benefited from Karen’s support and constant high standards. Coming into Year 9 is quite daunting at first, but Karen makes this transfer easy by teaching us exactly what we need to know in a boarding House, and setting us up for the entire five years. She is so supportive of everything we do and is always motivating us to do our best, whether it be in school, sport or in life outside of school. She is always up for a yarn at night and loves taking an interest in our social lives or getting in on the odd inside joke between the boys. On behalf of the Year 13s, the impact you have had on us over these last five years has set us up for life. Your tough love during Years 9 and 10 turned us into the men we have become today and we cannot thank you enough. Even though we may not have liked it at the time, we are incredibly grateful that you never let your high standards for us slip, and so these good habits have become routine, setting us up for the future. Without you, Flower’s House would just not be the same. I would also like to thank Housemaster Ben Vink for the huge effort he puts in around the House to make it such a great environment to be a part of. It has been so impressive to see and be a part of the turnaround of the culture in Flower’s that you have been responsible for. Personally, I have really enjoyed the opportunity of being able to work alongside you this year and will take many learnings about leadership and character with me when I leave. As Year 13s we have really valued the relationship we have formed with you over the last couple of years. You have been so honest and trusting of us and have certainly had a positive impact on our lives at school, making our final year one to remember.

I was quite nervous coming into the role of Head of House at the start of the year, as I felt I had some big shoes to fill from the leadership last year. I settled very quickly, however, and soon realised I had great support from the rest of the Year 13s. I am so lucky to have spent the last five or so years with such a strong group of mates who have always had my back. This made our last year such a highlight of my time at College. I know we will all look back at the memories and friendships we have made, and that we are definitely going to miss this place. I hope you all have safe travels back home around the country and enjoy spending some quality time with your families over the summer holidays.

Deans Cup For academic achievement Tom Davidson

The Andrew Levenger Trophy For demonstrating consistently high levels of empathy, support and compassion towards others Richard Harnett Henry Maxwell Croft Memorial Cup (Good Bugger Award) Tom Smith Stefan Zeestraten Memorial Cup For success through adversity Edward Peak Jeremy Turnbull Memorial Trophy For the boy with a real interest and a passion for agriculture Jamie Batchelor Best Boy Shot (House Shoot) Jim Luisetti Dormer Cup for Junior Sport Oliver Shore Reeves Cup for Sportsmanship Nale Fifita Greatest Contribution in Sport Sam Hadley

Will Greenslade Head of House

HOUSE PRIZE-GIVING Head of Boarding Award Will Greenslade TJ Murphy Memorial Cup For the most promising Year 9 student Ed Davidson Jan Hanson Trophy For best all-round contribution in Year 10 Will Pryor Ensor Cup For best all-round contribution in Year 11 Jake Cutler School House Cup For best all-round contribution in Year 12 Jarrad Hill Hazlett Cup For best all-round contribution in Year 13 (awarded by the Matron) Will Greenslade Michael Collins Memorial Cup For best all-round contribution to the House Jamie Batchelor

Contribution to the Arts Zac Matson

Most Efficient Prefect on Duty Nic Turnbull

Flower’s House Cup For service to the House George Murray

Rutherford Cup Tom Davidson AE Flower Cup Will Greenslade


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