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Nant Prachuabmoh lost to School House by the narrowest of margins, with the match coming down to a points countback 65–72 in favour of School. The same boys, along with Jenner Johnson (Year 12) and Nont Prachuabmoh (Year 11) defended our senior tennis title, going through the competition unbeaten. The junior debating team of Year 10 students Isaac Heap, Ollie Jones, Henry King and Benji Ward made it to the final, but lost to Somes by a few points. Likewise, both the junior cricket and hockey teams made the final, but had close losses to Somes and Corfe respectively. In squash, the junior team lost in the first round, but the senior team of Year 11 students Monty Hamilton, Will Patchett, Nant Prachuabmoh and Nont Prachuabmoh won. That result means Nant becomes the first Year 11 student to gain 80 House points and the fourth level of House colours in recent times. He is on track to break the record of 126 House points currently held by Daniel Freeman- Greene (2016). When you run through the highlights of 2019 there are many good moments, but it just so happens that this year’s effort was not rewarded with the final overall result. It is much the same with academic work. When you look at things like grade point averages, the effort shown through IPG grades and the number of Excellence grades achieved by the boys in the House, it is clear a large number of boys have put in their best effort. It is always the most difficult part of the Housemaster’s job to decide who gets a prize, or who is Head of House, or who gets picked for something and who does not. It is often small things that make a difference. Small margins determine the outcome, much like in sport when one bounce of the ball can affect the result. From a Housemaster’s perspective, however, it is fantastic the Harper House boys make it so hard. This year, Tim Ward and Edward Bayliss gained Academic Gold Awards for the first time, with Gus

Coates and Ellie Stevenson (Year 13) receiving their second academic honours. Around 30% of the boys gained Excellence endorsements, while more than 70% gained Merit endorsements or above. In addition, Gus Coates, Ellie Stevenson and Sebastian Fergusson have all been awarded scholarships to university for 2020. A great reward for their hard work. Finally, we farewell our Year 13 leavers. A unique group of young men who over the years have been on a bit of a revolving-door journey together. In 2015, they started with 10 boys, increasing to 14 by the end of Year 10, then fluctuating between 12 and 14 before finishing with 13 in Year 13. Jim Birkett came and went within a term, Cyrran Hini and Sam Bubb were around in the middle years, and one of the beloved originals, Luke Hamilton, left at the end of Year 12. The addition of Edward Bayliss, Sebastian Fergusson, Daniel Kutovoy, Bailey Libeau, and Aidan Palmer to the original eight, and the contribution all the boys made together over the last couple of years has defined this group. They have been a group that is happy to not take things too seriously, that has always enjoyed a joke, a laugh, a bit of banter. What really reveals their true character, however, is the way they respond to challenging situations. Whatever the context, they always seemed to back each other up. They know when to step up, which is invaluable. Yes, they are that year group, the first not to win the House championship since I have been Housemaster, but their legacy is of entertaining young men who made a good contribution to the House and all areas of College life. When they look back and reflect, I hope they will cherish the memories they have created and be proud of their contribution to the school. A big thank you to Graeme Christey, Lisa Trundley-Banks, Andrew Taylor and Emily Priest for all their help and support, and the work they have done as mentors in the House.

A special thank you to Sam Leary, who filled in for Katie Southworth while she was on maternity leave. His energy and inspirational omelette making has been greatly appreciated. We wish him well in Condell’s House next year. Thank you to the whole Harper House community for another fantastic year.

Semper Floreat

Matt Cortesi Housemaster, Harper House

HONOURS TIES AND SCHOOL COLOURS Honours Ties Edward Bayliss – Drama Jack Graham – Drama School Colours Liam Adams – Tennis Jenner Johnson – Tennis Nick Schneideman – Tennis Will Schneideman – Tennis

GOLD ACADEMIC AWARDS Edward Bayliss Gus Coates Ellie Stevenson Tim Ward HOUSE PRIZE-GIVING 1st House Colours (certificate for 20+ points) Zach Adams, George Austin, Edward

Bayliss, Johnny Bullen, Gabriel Gallaway, Nick Gibb, Andreas

Gormack, Isaac Heap, Henry King, William Morris, William Olsson, Aidan Palmer, Lewis Whiteside, Harvey Willis, Nick Wilson, Hugo Wynn Thomas 2nd House Colours (patch for 40+ points) Jack Graham, Marcus Hamilton, Jasper Johnson, Thomas Johnston, Ollie Jones, Daniel Kutovoy, Austin Lamberg, Thomas McEwan, Ryan Oorschot, Will Patchett, Sam Rutherford, Benji Ward


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