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Candies to Avoid This Halloween

The Worst Hal loween Candy for Your Teeth THE THAI REPORT:

Caramel Sticky candies are some of the worst for your teeth! Candies like caramel, gummy bears, and Tootsie Rolls stick to all the spaces between your teeth. The sugar lingers in your mouth long after you think the candy is gone.

Dental and oral health advice from Dr. Bao Thai’s other half at Swisher Dental.

My son, Connor, is the child of a doctor and a dentist. That means when it comes to sweets, candy is a rare treat. Of course, on special occasions, like Halloween and Easter, I am happy to let Connor go a bit crazy on the candy. It is the holidays, after all. That said, there are certain candies that I wish Connor would avoid, even on Halloween! Lollipops Hard candies take a while to dissolve inside your mouth, meaning the sugar can coat your teeth for a long time and increase the chances of a cavity forming. Worse, if you try to eat hard candy quickly and bite down, you risk chipping a tooth! Sour Gummy Worms Sour candies of any sort can do a real number on your teeth. Sour flavoring is acidic and can wear down your enamel. Weak enamel is easier to chip and break, which can lead to all kinds of dental problems, including painful tooth sensitivity.

Candy will never be recommended by your doctor, but on

special occasions, it is okay to enjoy some of your favorites. Just remember to brush and floss after satisfying your sweet tooth! –Dr. Suzanne Thai

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