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Multicultural Celebrations

Teach Your Kids About Winter Holidays

According to the Pew Research Center, Christmas is the most celebrated December holiday in the U.S. Yet, like the melting pot it is, the U.S. contains many cultures from across the globe, each with their own traditions. Teach your kids about some of the holiday celebrations from different cultures this season.

KWANZAA Created in 1966 by black studies professor Maulana Karenga during the Black Nationalist Movement, Kwanzaa is a seven-day celebration and reflection period for African Americans. The week offers African Americans the opportunity to connect with African culture and history by celebrating the seven principles of African heritage, which include unity, self- determination, and creativity. HANUKKAH Hanukkah pays homage to a two-year Jewish rebellion against an oppressive Greek-Syrian government that took them captive in an attempt to eliminate Judaism. The tradition of the eight-day celebration and the lighting of the menorah candles comes from the story of a miracle that happened during the rebellion, when a one-day supply of oil burned for eight days in a temple. DIWALI Though celebrated in late fall, Diwali is a Hindu holiday that’s known as the festival of lights. Its main purpose is to celebrate the triumph of good over evil, and the five-day festival includes the lighting of candles or lamps,

feasting, and giving gifts to family and friends. Diwali also celebrates the Hindu new year and is the largest, most widely celebrated festival in India.

This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but educating your children about holiday practices other than Christmas will give them a broader worldview and inspire them to gain further knowledge about cultures outside their own. Your local library is a great resource for children’s literature on these holidays, and there are also TV programs from PBS that feature episodes on these traditions. Enjoy the winter holiday season, however you decide to celebrate!

Tammy Broome joined our practice in August as a legal secretary and receptionist, so consider this profile a long-overdue introduction. If you’ve been to our office recently, you’ve no doubt been greeted by Tammy’s friendly face. We’re so excited to have her on the team, and she’s already contributed a great deal in her short time here. “I was looking to change my career path when I stumbled across a posting from The Law Office of James R. Snell Jr.,” Tammy recalls.“It seemed like a perfect opportunity, so I went ahead and applied. I have to be honest; I wasn’t sure they’d even give me a call back, but I was very happy when they did.” For our part, we were impressed with Tammy from the moment we read her resume and cover letter. Once we met with her in person, we knew she’d be the first person we offered the position to. Luckily, we never had to send an offer to anyone else. During her time at the practice, Tammy has quickly understood what makes Snell Law different. “Jim is a brilliant attorney, but he’s also more than that,” Tammy says. “From the

first day I started, I was so impressed by how diligently everyone worked to make our clients feel comfortable. If you’re reticent or nervous, you’ll never be able to provide all the relevant information about your case. That’s why it’s so awesome that we strive to make people feel at home from the moment they walk through our doors.” How did Tammy manage to pick up a new career in a new industry and excel so quickly? Ever humble, she gives the credit to her coworkers. “Everyone here has been incredibly welcoming and friendly, helping me pick up the skills needed to do a great job,” Tammy notes. “Without them, the transition process would’ve been much rougher.” In addition to celebrating a new job, Tammy recently tied the knot with her now-husband, Derrill.“I also owe a thank-you to Derrill, my family, and our friends for being so supportive about my career change. It means the world to have the people closest to you encourage you on your new adventure,” she says.

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