Jon Carson Consulting February 2019

February 2019

February is the best time of year to write a love letter to your significant other. Roses are great, but a letter is better. I’m assuring all of you that by the time you are reading this, Claudia has already received my letter, checked it for grammatical errors, and told me, “Thank you, and I love you too.” By the way, I am the luckiest guy in the world. Look at Claudia in the red Valentine’s Day dress. Shazam! The Lo e Letter

not tell you. Invite them to tell you how you’re doing. The “I miss you” letter is what you use to invite them back or to ask them to give you another try.

Here is a copy of our last “I miss you” letter to a former client:

Dear Jim,

I am challenging you today to ask yourself and your team, “How are we staying in touch with our current customers?” If you’re not writing some sort of love letter to your current customer base, the month of cupid is the month to start. These letters should include a thank-you, say, “I appreciate you,” and, “What can we do better?”

We haven’t talked for some time. I wanted to reach out and let you know how much my wife, Claudia, and I appreciate you and miss working with you. I also wanted to share that I finally finished “the book.” After two years in the writing process, “Dialing Strangers: Overcoming Hangups and Producing Cold Calls That Sell,” is on bookshelves today. I actually began this project in sixth grade when I made my first cold call. (You will have to read the first chapter of the book to see how I fared with that call.) I wanted you to be one of the first people to get a copy of the book. As always, I value your friendship and business. I wanted to connect and see if I can help you or your company in any way. I could provide my one-day live cold-calling seminar to your sales team. If it’s okay, I would like to touch base with you from time to time, and I will follow up with a phone call soon. Again, I appreciate all you do. If you like what I do, please tell others. If I can improve, please tell me (and that includes any feedback on the book).

I have a motto about upset customers. Bad news is not like wine; it doesn’t get better with time. Sit down with your team and write an “I love you” letter right now to your client list. I recommend using either a monthly newsletter or an old-fashioned thank-you card. I work with The Newsletter Pro in Boise, Idaho to create exceptional newsletters. Hopefully, most of you have received a thank-you card from me at one time or another, complete with a photograph of you or something that is significant to you. The company I use to create these cards is This month is also a chance for you to write an “I miss you” letter. This could be sent to clients who have not done business with you in a year or two, or it could be someone who decided to leave you because of a bad experience. That’s also why I encourage you to write “I miss you” letters, because 96 percent of customers who have a bad experience with your company, according to ATI Shop Talk, will


Dave and Claudia

As always, if I can help you in any way, just reach out to me at or call me on my cell phone. -Dave Tester


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