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An A to Z of DUCKS

An A to Z of DUCKS

In the Kindergarten, we would like to have photographs of anyone who regularly collects your child. Please bring a photograph of the nominated adult(s) with you on the first day of your child’s attendance. Attendance If your child is away from school due to illness we request that you inform us by email on DUCKSabsence @ dulwich.org.uk on the first day of non- attendance and keep us informed as to when your child will be returning to school. If you are unable to email, please phone the DUCKS Office on 020 8693 1538 to confirm the absence. If you wish to take your child out of school during the term for any other reason than illness, you must submit your request in writing to the Head of DUCKS beforehand. We strongly recommend that parents avoid taking their children out of school during term time, even at the beginning or end of term as these few days are important in settling the children or rounding off a term together as a school community. Assessment and Record Keeping To support our planning of a rich and varied curriculum that reflects the children’s interests and learning, we carry out the following assessment and record keeping on Tapestry our online record: • Observations of learning • Photographs that evidence learning This is available to parents via a secure login. Between the age of 24 and 36 months a report on the prime areas of development will be written and discussed with the parents. At the end of Reception, the Early Years Foundation Stage Profile is completed and shows each child’s progress in the seven areas of learning. This document ensures the teacher’s planning meets each child’s needs and that progress is monitored.

Arrangement of DUCKS’ classes Kindergarten: 6 months to rising 3 years, part of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS). Maximum class sizes in the Kindergarten are Babies 6, Toddlers 18 and Ducklings 26. Infants’ School: 3 to 7 years, covering the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) from 3 to 5 years and Key Stage 1 (KS1) from 5 to 7 years. There are five Early Years (EY) classes, two Nursery and three Reception and four KS1 classes, two Year 1 and two Year 2. In the Infants’ School the maximum class size is 22. Access to your Child’s Records Parents/carers who wish to view their child’s personal file must request this in writing to the Head of DUCKS. In providing access, DUCKS has regard to data protection legislation and the General Data Protection Regulations and in particular will take measures to safeguard records which refer to other pupils or third parties. Allergies and Medical Requirements If your child has any specific medical requirements, we ask that you give full details of these needs on the Entry Profile before your child starts at DUCKS. Any requirements can also be discussed during a home visit or at our New Parents’ Evening. This will ensure that any adaptations to meal times or your child’s day to day requirements are in place ahead of them starting with us. We have a number of measures in place to ensure that medical and dietary needs are met, including: training on EpiPen use, allergy and medical alert information and a complete allergy plan with access to the Dulwich College Medical Centre staff for specific advice and support in meeting individual children’s needs. Please see page 49 for food allergen information. Arrival and Departure It is part of DUCKS’ ethos to give a warm welcome to each child at the start of the day. Children are welcomed on arrival and this is a opportunity to talk briefly to the class teacher or key person about any changes to pick up arrangements. Any specific information provided by parents/carers will be recorded and shared with the appropriate staff. Examples of information that can be communicated on arrival include: • requesting the school gives a child prescribed medicine during the school day • informing the school that there will be a different adult collecting a child at the end of the session or day • confirming an early departure from DUCKS for a child At departure time children are dismissed from their rooms so they can say goodbye to their class teacher or key person. Staff will not hand a child over to anyone other than the known parent or carer. Parents/carers must fill out the Alternative Collection Arrangements Form prior to a child being collected by a different adult. We will accept email notification of a different person collecting your child if your arrangements change during the day.

Other assessments and records include: • Work samples • Baseline assessment • Formative assessments • Tracking sheets • Reports • Standardised reading and maths assessments • INCAS

Parents are welcome to make an appointment to view their child’s profile folder, assessment records or work books via their child’s key person or class teacher.



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