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Key Stage 1 Teaching and Learning

Key Stage 1 Teaching and Learning

Specialist Teaching English as additional language (EAL)

Key Stage 1 Key Stage 1 is formed of four Year 1 and Year 2 parallel classes covering the age range 5 years to 7 years. There are two mixed ability classes in Year 1 and Year 2. Each class is taught by a qualified teacher and supported by a teaching assistant.

Our Learning Support teachers work closely with the rest of the staff to give extra support to children for whom English is not their only language. Forest School Each child in DUCKS will visit our Forest School regularly where our fully trained practitioners nurture child led exploration and discovery. Forest School ethos further expands our aim to nurture a culture based on collaboration where children embrace challenges that lead to development of resilience and empathy, alongside a greater connection with nature. Forest school aims to promote the holistic development of all learners involved, encouraging independence, resilience, confidence and creativity in learning. The sessions aim to develop cognitive, social, emotional, physical, linguistic and spiritual aspects of learning and development. These can happen through small achievable tasks that can be scaffolded by the forest school leader allowing individuals to succeed and personalities, experiences, imaginations and creativity to flourish. Learning Support The Infants’ School has a Learning Support Co-ordinator, providing specialised individual and small group lessons. This role also covers supporting English as an Additional Language (EAL). In addition we have a part time specialist teacher who also works with individuals and groups, focusing on Literacy skills Library The Infants’ School has an up to date, purpose-built, well-stocked Library. The children make use of the Library on a regular basis to support all areas of the curriculum. They also select and borrow books on a regular basis and enjoy the library facilities in a quiet and appropriate manner. Modern Foreign Language At DUCKS we aim to create a good foundation of how to listen to and speak modern foreign languages and to teach the initial skills for language learning through French lessons. Our aim is to encourage children to approach learning new languages and exploring different cultures with interest and enthusiasm. Throughout Key Stage 1, the emphasis is on the spoken word and activities include singing, games, role-play and stories. Music The children are encouraged to listen carefully and respond to a wide range of music. They will play musical instruments and sing a variety of songs from memory, working with increasing confidence, imagination and control. In Year 2, a half class recorder lesson is incorporated into their Music curriculum. We have a School String Orchestra which meets weekly and performs regularly. It is joined by recorders and percussion at some church services. There are regular music concerts where children who learn an instrument, both in or out of school, are invited to perform to parents.

Year 1: Kingfisher Class and Teal Class Year 2: Avocet Class and Curlew Class

Learning through a Creative Curriculum Our creative and skills based curriculum incorporates big ideas, engaging approaches to learning and ignites curiosity and inquiry. A creative curriculum is one in which students learn through creative and active teaching strategies. Creative curriculum gets beyond rote learning and focuses on big ideas, interesting projects, and individual students’ passions and needs. Often when we think of creativity, we think about tangible art, such as literature and music. These things can be an important part of a creative curriculum, but we believe that every element of a curriculum can be approached creatively, from science to math to history. Each term begins with a Sizzling Start that creates awe and wonder in our young learners followed by projects that build to a Marvelous Middle and a Fantastic Finish. Within each thematic unit of learning, we include discrete teaching of Mathematics and English skills that enable our learners to make secure progress across all areas of learning. This fully prepares each and every child for their transition to Year 3. In addition to this we enrich our curriculum with a team of specialists in Music, Physical Education and French as well as offering a comprehensive co-curricular programme outside of school hours. Homework Homework is an important part of your child’s daily routine enabling them to reinforce skills and concepts taught in the classroom. It also allows them to share their new knowledge, understanding and successes with you. The task will be appropriate to your child’s needs and level of understanding. Reading and spellings should be a daily activity and any comments about your child’s enjoyment or ability can be recorded in the Home-Link Book. Homework activities are based on English, Mathematics and the termly topic.



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