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Design, build, and maintain high performance building projects with Intertek’s team of multi-disciplined

Fire Protection Services Intertek’s consulting services provide you with the assurance that the architectural design and site-installed fire protection and life safety systems will perform at a desired level and meet programming needs, contract obligations, and specifications during new and renovation construction projects. Our Fire Protection Field Teams have the ability to inspect and evaluate fire protection assemblies and components in buildings and structures of all sizes, uses, and configurations. Forensic Services When water leakage, condensation, or other problems occur, an investigation is needed to identify the problem, establish corrective actions, and when necessary, determine liability. As a leader in building enclosure performance testing and evaluation services, Intertek conducts an unmatched array of forensic services to provide objective observations to form the basis for our expert opinion. Modular Building Services Intertek is an Independent Third-Party Inspection Agency (TPIA) for modular building and component system manufacturers. Our national team can assist you with navigating complicated code requirements for state and local jurisdictions, conduct in-plant inspections, perform plan reviews, and assist with recertification eorts. Natural Disaster Recovery Services When a natural disaster strikes, you need the assurance that your next steps get you back to operational as quickly and eectively as possible. Whether you are looking for an assessment, abatement recommendation, or help in the monitoring

of your recovery eorts, Intertek has the expertise to get you back to normal.

specialists. Delivering cutting edge design services to building constructors, designers, and owners, be assured to meet even the most stringent building codes, construction standards, energy performance, and project requirements. Building Enclosure Commissioning & Consulting Intertek’s design and construction professionals provide you with sensible solutions to reduce the potential for premature building failure, increase a building’s energy eciency, and expected life cycle. We provide the full range of pre-design, design phase, pre-construction, construction, and operations and maintenance phase services. Building Enclosure Field Testing Whether you need assistance with problem resolution or to ensure the quality of your products and systems, our thorough understanding of the applicability and execution of field testing standards assures architects, building owners, consultants, and contractors that they are meeting contract obligations and specifications during new construction and renovation projects. Field testing services include: • Acoustical Performance • Air Infiltration, Water Leakage, and Structural Performance • Roof Testing • Whole Building Air Barrier

Property Condition Assessments When buyers or sellers are interested in property, a condition assessment is neces- sary to verify the state of the materials and equipment and to identify any needed repairs or anticipated maintenance. Intertek has the full depth of experience for both standard and enhanced Property Condition Assessments and corresponding Environ- mental Site Assessments. Roofing System Evaluations The proper installation of a roof on a building is a vital aspect to the building’s construction and its overall ownership costs. With a significant number of construction litigation cases stemming from roofing issues, the evaluation of your roofing system by a third

party is not only vital, but it provides reassurance and future cost savings.

Whole Building Air Barrier Testing With approximately 30% of your building’s energy usage utilized to compensate for air leakage, the need to control the air entering and leaving your building is more than an air quality issue. Intertek can help confirm the building’s design intent is met by quantifying the air leakage of a completed building.




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