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Oct 2019

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Last Friday, after a late lunch at Porto’s Bakery and Cafe in Glendale, Dad, my three sons, and I arrived at Dodger Stadium a few minutes before the gates opened. Despite the three home runs given up by ace pitcher Clayton Kershaw, the Dodgers won, and the perfect fall evening was marred only by Mom’s absence. We miss her deeply but wouldn’t wish her back into the slow, brutal robbery of the Parkinson’s disease she battled. She is safe in the good care and presence of God. What a joy it is to have Dad here in Ojai for a few weeks. As a third-generation South Dakotan, he has no desire to stay long in California. Medicare is on a great run from 1965 forward. It serves the needs of senior adults in a championship manner. The current political season reverberates with calls to change Medicare. Heed the old warning — Dad, please disregard my incorrect grammar — beware of what you wish for.

Dodgers fans have had quite a run lately. Cheering for a team that has won the National League West Division for the last seven years is dampened only by not having won the World Series during that time —maybe this year! I grew up in South Dakota, listening to broadcasts of the Minnesota Twins. Rod Carew, Harmon Killebrew, and Tony Oliva were in the field, and Bert Blyleven was on the mound. It’s sad these greats never won the Commissioner’s Trophy. Two Twins’ World Series championships came later, after I’d moved to California. Over the years, Mom followed the Twins more closely than Dad. More recently, interleague play presented the opportunity for the American League Twins to visit the National League Dodgers while Dad and Mom were on their annual Ojai visit. We had pretty good seats for the game. Mom enjoyed seeing some of the players whose names she knew in action on the field. Dodger Stadium’s accommodation for wheelchair users equals those of airlines and airports, so we enjoyed every aspect of that particular Dodgers victory in the fall of 2016.

–Lyn Thomas


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