Travel 2 Australia & New Zealand 2018/19

New Zealand Visit New Zealand and you’ll be rewarded with living landscapes like nowhere else on Earth. Experiencing nature at its most raw and varied, you’ll understand why the locals call it ‘God’s Own Country’. Consistently in the making, its geology being some of the most recently formed on Earth, this exceptional wonderland also boasts a rich cultural diversity. Its charming towns and vibrant cities offer unique Kiwi Hospitality which nicely wraps the unforgettable gift that is New Zealand. No matter when or where you travel around New Zealand you’ll always be rewarded with an amazing experience every day of your journey. Although summer months are without doubt an excellent time to visit, Spring and Autumn are also highly recommended as temperatures are pleasant and great value abounds. Spring or ‘waterfall season’ is when New Zealand bursts into new life with colourful blooms and baby wildlife, and Autumn offers long sunny days under a canopy of golden leaves.


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