Herrman & Herrman June 2018

June 2018

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On Task and On Time Debby Garcia and the Productivity of a Law Firm

I’ve been with Herrman & Herrman for 24 years. In 1994, I started my career as a legal secretary, and since then, I’ve taken on a number of different roles. Today, I serve as the firm’s Business Operations Manager. It’s a role that tackles a lot of duties around the firm. In many respects, I’m Greg Herrman’s right hand. When he’s busy with a client or case, other members of our team can come to me with anything they might need, from questions to concerns. Then, I can take those questions to Greg, if need be, and have a sit-down. Another big part of my role within the firm centers on productivity. I’m here to make sure the office runs smoothly. If a department within the firm needs a little help, I make sure they get that help. When things run smoothly around the office, that often means things run smoothly for our attorneys, which is a big plus for our clients. The work environment here at Herrman & Herrman is fantastic. One of the great things about working in a bustling law firm is the challenge. Every day there is a new challenge to overcome. Not only does Greg challenge me, working in the legal field comes with challenges all its own. The way laws change or take effect can really keep you on your toes. We all have to stay educated and up-to-date on everything. We can’t say it enough, but there really is never a dull moment around here. One of my biggest priorities is ensuring our team is happy. When they’re happy, that translates to a positive workplace all around. And it all comes back to the work we do with clients.

When we’re happy (and things are running smoothly), our clients are happy. When our clients are happy, they go out and tell everyone — their family, friends, co-

workers, neighbors, and so on. The best referral you can make is through word of mouth.

That’s the circle of life for just about any kind of business. When we deliver for clients and they tell everyone about their experience, that means a lot. That’s what trust looks like. Just as we appreciate each and every one of our clients, it’s a great feeling to know that our clients appreciate us right back. That’s the foundation of a meaningful, professional relationship. On a more personal level, working at Herrman & Herrman means a lot to me. It’s a big part of my life. On those rare days when I have to stay home sick or other obligations take precedence, I think about work. It’s like that feeling of not knowing what to do with your hands. It’s just such a great place to work, it’s hard to imagine life being any different. I am looking forward to taking a nice vacation this summer. I’ll be heading out to Las Vegas for a few days. While I may think about work while I’m away, I will be making plenty of time for myself!

-Debby Garcia




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