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Why Your Business Needs to Implement Two-Factor Authentication NOW, NOT LATER A survey by Paychex recently found that 68 percent of small-business

it’s much sturdier than your average password. It’s still not foolproof, but it’s an excellent first- line defense against hackers.

leaders remain unworried about their digital security. If you need proof, you can just look at the passwords they and their employees use. According to SecureAuth, a staggering 81 percent of Americans use the same passwords for multiple accounts, the majority of which are unimaginative old standbys like “1234567,” “qwerty,” and “password.” These trends, compounded by the fact that passwords generally aren’t very airtight, turn the typical login and password combination into a paper shield for hackers. Even stronger passwords that include multiple uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and other characters often only take a few hours to crack with an advanced brute-force tool. Once they’re cracked, they’re often posted on the darknet or sold to the highest bidder. Here’s where two-factor authentication (2FA) comes in. 2FA forces users to input more than one field of identification to access their account. If you’ve ever used your PIN at an ATM, you’ve already used 2FA, but many other forms exist. When logging into your email, Google can send an alert to your phone that includes a login number, which you type on your PC to gain access to your account. Banks often couple passwords with one of your security questions. Whatever the tactic,

However, implementing 2FA into your own business isn’t the easiest proposition. You’ll either need to create a custom solution — a big headache that may not be worth it for your small business — or hire a technical company suited for the job. This doesn’t have to be expensive. It’s worth noting, though, that whenever you bring in an outside party, it’s a potential failure point for your cybersecurity. It’s vital to vet them properly and ensure they practice what they preach. 2FA can’t be the beginning and end of your cybersecurity strategy, but consider it a large first step toward protecting your livelihood. Trust us — when the digital wolves come knocking at your door, you’ll be glad you installed the door in the first place.

‘The Surrender Experiment’

Michael A. Singer’s Journey into Life’s Perfection

"Once you are willing to let go of yourself, life becomes your friend, your teacher, your secret lover. When life's way becomes your way, all the noise stops, and there is great peace."

“The Surrender Experiment: My Journey into Life’s Perfection” maps out Michael Singer’s extraordinary life. Each step in his journey — from his younger years as a self-described “hippie-loner” to finding success as a computer program engineer and CEO, and beyond to his work in spiritual and humanitarian efforts — taught him valuable lessons about enlightenment and letting go. From outstanding success to the brink of despair, Singer proves that by developing a consciousness to live in the moment, you can overcome any of life’s obstacles. Countless authors have written books that claim to have the power to change your life, but few can show how their theories changed their own lives — and fewer still could write a whole new book about their own experiences. “The Surrender Experiment” is a perfect companion to “The Untethered Soul,” but you don’t need to read Singer’s

–Michael A. Singer, “The Surrender Experiment”

Not all of us are fortunate enough to experience a spiritual awakening in our early 20s. In fact, most people would say they were fortunate just to have been awake in their 20s! But what Michael Singer experienced when he was just 22 lead to a deep spiritual awakening that transformed his life forever. In 2007, Singer published “The Untethered Soul,” a book that taught

2 • • PO Box 1276, Morehead City, NC 28557 others how to free themselves from limitations and experience true inner-happiness. This New York Times bestseller quickly became one of the greatest self-help books of the last two decades. In 2015, Singer published a second book to answer the question everyone asked him: “How did you learn all this?”

first book to appreciate his second. This is a book about one man’s journey through life and spirituality. Be prepared to view your own life very differently from the moment you start reading the first chapter.

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