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A s regular readers of our newsletter will remember from our recent December edition, 2018 was a big year here at Aire Serv of the Mid- Hudson Valley. As I write this, we’re on pace to beat a revenue goal we’ve been working toward for about five years now. Achieving this makes us much more excited about 2019, and we’re looking forward to continuing to grow and setting new goals. Sharing this achievement with all of you is admittedly uncomfortable for me. I never want to come off as bragging, but I feel compelled to share this information because I’m proud of our technicians. They deserve recognition for slogging through the high heat of summer and working long hours to make sure our customers are comfortable. They were dedicated through fall and spring tuneups as well as sudden HVAC system failures that prompted a swift response. But I also share this achievement because I want to thank all of you, both our loyal and new customers. Without your longtime trust, new business, or referrals to friends and family, our team never would have been put in a position to prove how hard they can work. Our goal for last year would not have been met, and perhaps our 2019 goals would be less ambitious. It's so rewarding to see how the lasting trust we've fostered within our Aire Serv family has blossomed, blessing us with new customers and allowing us to maintain the relationships we've worked so hard to strengthen each time we visit your home. You help us grow, and we cannot thank you enough. I’m excited to add that because of our busy 2018, we are looking for additional dedicated technicians to add to our hardworking team. After nearly two decades in this business, I can honestly say that some of the best education I received was in my early years of HVAC work because I was partnered with experienced technicians on my first jobs. It’s great to know we can offer that kind of education to the next generation of technicians. CELEBRATING A GREAT YEAR Thank You for Your Business, and Cheers to 2019

"You help us grow, and we cannot thank you enough."

Reflecting on our record-breaking 2018, I can’t help but think of the exciting year Andrea and I had in our personal lives. My son, Nick, and his girlfriend, Carly, took a big step in their lives together and got engaged this past summer. The pair are fans of comics, and Nick spelled out “Will you marry me?” in one of the languages from their favorite series. They are planning an October wedding this year, and my family and I can’t wait to celebrate their marriage. Andrea and I also enjoyed a visit with her parents, aunt, uncle, and my brother earlier last fall in Arizona. We’re hopeful that we might be able to do something similar this year. While we’ve made no official plans, we know we want to visit them more often than we have in the past. It’s always great to catch up with family, create new memories, and escape the brisk northeastern autumn for a few days. Once again, thank you to everyone who made our 2018 a year for our record books. Who knows what this new year has in store, but with my hardworking team and supportive family, I know it’s going to be great.

–Jim Serra

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3 Wives’ Tales Proven True

“Make a face like that and it’ll stay that way forever.” You may have heard something like this from Mom’s book of wisdom. Maybe you never disputed the idea that mother knows best. But as you grew up, it slowly became clear that hair doesn’t grow back faster and thicker if you shave it, cracking your knuckles doesn't cause arthritis, and gum doesn’t stay in your stomach for months after you swallow it. After a whirlwind of wives’ tales over the years, many common claims have been put under scrutiny. Wives' tales have been known as pseudoscience and blind intuition, but even as many were disproved, some surprisingly proved to hold weight. Here are three wives’ tales that have proven to be true.

the likelihood of getting a cold, so if you feel a tickle in your throat, try a clove before you open the medicine cabinet.


It’s hard to list wives’ tales without bringing up one about pregnancy. Many are solely based on intuition, but a few that sound odd have proven to be true. In 2007, a study done by Johns Hopkins attempted to debunk the myth that heartburn during pregnancy would mean a hairy baby at birth. Instead of proving it wrong, they found that 82 percent of women with severe heartburn during pregnancy gave birth to hairy babies. Turns out the hormones that cause heartburn in pregnant women also affect fetal hair growth.


For decades, moms have professed the healing properties of garlic, suggesting it can cure colds and help the body

fight sickness. It turns out they were absolutely right. Garlic has antiviral properties that strengthen the immune system and nutrients that help combat illnesses. The effects of garlic can actually be more effective than over-the-counter flu medications. Some studies show that regular consumption of raw garlic lessens


Did you ever look at your mom with skepticism when she would predict rain because her knees hurt? If so, you might owe your mom an apology, because there is a scientific connection. The drop in barometric pressure that’s common during storm weather causes pain in arthritic joints.



There may be slobber on the floor and claw marks on your furniture, but you wouldn’t want your home any other way. Your pets aren't just animals; they’re your family. And just like your human family, their actions and presence may be wreaking havoc on your HVAC system. Any extra body in your home will affect its heating and cooling, but a body covered in fur, feathers, or even scales can put some unique strains on your system. Your pet’s dander, plumage, and hair can clog your HVAC filter, and any pet that goes from the outdoors back into your home may bring in extra dirt and bacteria that can

often give off. Regular tuneups of your system can ensure your filter is cleaned on a consistent basis for your family.

Your pet shedding and clogging your HVAC system might seem like an obvious effect on the heating and cooling of your home, but that little body may also require you to pay more attention to the temperature in your home. If you have a lizard or a bird, consider their comfort

in warmer climates, and be considerate of your dog’s or cat’s fur coats in the summertime. Some animals love basking in the sun or curling up under blankets, but they don’t have control over the thermostat. Be mindful of any frequent temperature swings or extremes in your home so your pet remains comfortable and healthy. Let Aire Serv of the Mid-Hudson Valley help you diminish the effects of your animal family member on your HVAC system by giving us a call at 845-256-6158 or visiting

clog up your system. When your air filter is compromised, the air quality in your home diminishes and your HVAC system has to work harder to do the job it was made for. To combat this, give furry pets regular baths, adhere to a vacuuming schedule, and clean your air filter often. An HVAC expert can properly clean your filter and recommend sturdy filters that are made to withstand the added debris that pets 2


If you’re in the market for a simple New Year’s resolution, look no further than your own home. Create attainable goals for 2019 with the following resolutions, and enjoy a cleaner, healthier, and more economical home in the coming year.

and maintain the life of your home. You shouldn’t avoid scheduling regular tuneups for your HVAC system just like you shouldn’t ignore a burnt-out light bulb or leave your gutters full of leaves and gunk. Preventative maintenance, cleaning, and checkup costs for your home are a small price to pay to avoid huge repair costs. Sometimes your home’s biggest enemy is actually you. If you want a cleaner and healthier home in 2019, check some of your daily habits. Do you load the dishwasher right away or let dishes fester in the sink for hours? Do you wash clothes as they get dirty or wash them in a bulk? Do you often purge your fridge of moldy food or do you adhere to a strict food plan? Adjusting daily habits and cleaning as you go will conserve energy and water and reduce waste, saving you money and time. If you’re hoping to improve your HVAC and home health this year, Aire Serv of the Mid-Hudson Valley can help you. Learn more about our maintenance and cleaning options by calling 845-256-6158. CREATE NEW HABITS


Give your home a boost and make your daily tasks easier by installing new technology into your home. Artificial intelligence devices — like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home — can connect to your HVAC system, so all you have to do is ask it to turn up the heat or cool it down. Other easy options include installing a programmable thermostat, motion-sensor lights, and security systems. Technology can feel overwhelming and confusing, but its installation and application into your everyday life can save you time, energy, and money. Plus, if you introduce simple devices into your home, adapting will be easier.


The best way to prevent stress and bank-breaking repairs in 2019 is to take preventative steps to secure


For many, American Chinese food and New Year’s go together like turkey and Thanksgiving. Chop suey was one of the original items served by Chinese immigrants to their new neighbors, making it an important part of America’s culinary history. It’s also easy to make and delicious to eat. CHICKEN CHOP SUEY


Inspired by The New York Times

• 2 teaspoons sugar • 2 tablespoons cornstarch, mixed with 4 tablespoons water • 2 teaspoons toasted sesame oil • Salt and pepper, to taste

• 2 large or 4 medium chicken thighs • 4 tablespoons vegetable oil • 3 pounds bok choy, cut into 3–4-inch ribbons • 3 tablespoons oyster sauce

DIRECTIONS 1. In large pot, boil 3 cups of water. Add chicken and reduce to simmer, cooking for 30 minutes. Remove chicken and let cool. Once cooled, remove skin and bones, chop meat, and set aside. Reserve the cooking liquid. 2. In a large skillet over high heat, heat vegetable oil until shimmering. Add bok choy and cook for 1 minute, stirring frequently. Add half of reserved cooking liquid, cover skillet, and cook for 2 minutes. Remove cover and cook for an additional 5 minutes. Transfer bok choy to a plate. 3. Add remaining cooking liquid and chicken to the pan, maintaining high heat. Heat chicken, then add oyster sauce, sugar, cornstarch-and-water mixture, sesame oil, and bok choy. Season to taste, toss together, and serve over rice.




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Pets and Your HVAC System


New Year’s Resolutions for Your Home

Chicken Chop Suey


The Best Skiing Destinations in the World



The sound of the first carve through fresh powder is the anthem of all winter sports enthusiasts. Here are three of the world’s best mountains to experience that powder you’ve been craving all year.

fresh powder makes your pupils dilate. Once you’re done flying down the hill where Bode Miller took the bronze medal, head over to the winter wonderland of the old Olympic Village for a cozy night in a picturesque town.



“The Colorado Rocky Mountain high,” sang John Denver about the freedom he felt on one of the world's most renowned mountain ranges. Where there are great mountains, there’s even better snow, and at the pinnacle are the jagged peaks of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. If you’ve ever seen the groomed trails of Breckenridge, you’ll understand why. The ski resort boasts five peaks, 187 trails, 34 lifts, four terrain parks, and a renowned cross- country trail. After a day on the slopes, head into the town of Breckenridge for dining and activities that ditch the glitz and glamour of Vail or Aspen and take you straight to the heart of fun.

If you want a great location for next year’s Christmas card photo, there’s no better place than the Tyrolean Alps. Nestled in a valley between perfectly molded mountains, the Austrian landscape provides a beautiful backdrop for your winter excursions.

The densely wooded areas and the bright reflection of the snow frame the vibrant town that’s just waiting to be explored. When you’re ready for world-class runs, hop in one of the 11


A destination that looks like a Nordic paradise met Olympic-level runs, Whistler is filled with true magic, winter activities, and a town that captivates the senses. When you see the mountains of British Columbia, you’ll understand why they hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. The location’s beauty is only part of your stimulating experience because every curve of

gondolas and zip down the hills that hosted the 2001 Alpine World Ski Championships.


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