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issue no 41 | dec 2011

continued from previous page | E-LEARNING – THE TRAINING EVOLUTION IN INDIA!: Dilip Tickle

Effective integration of applications includes Learning Management Systems (LMS), Learning Content Management Systems (LCMS), Knowledge Management platform with multimedia resources capacity, Administrative framework and so on. It’s significant to provide the education through managed services mode and become economically sustainable. We need to customise them keeping in mind the special characteristic of Indian learners. This all should be with global standards inclusive of SCROM and AICC to achieve high results with lower investments.



them without any travel and which is available at any time of the day. Technology comes in aid for us to achieve the same. Technology and Internet have changed the way we operate in our day to day life. We have entered the age of accuracy, efficiency and swiftness. E-learning is the new way of learning faster and with higher eminence. It leverages on technology for delivering quality education for development of individuals and facilitates learning. E-learning is a benefit to institutions and corporations to have viable edge over others. E-learning is highly interactive and less time consuming. It involves documents, e-books, videos, audio clips, graphical presentations and live-streaming. The scope of learning in this process becomes vast and all round. It is an effective business solution for corporate as it is economical and efficient. E-learning can be customized and designed as per the learner’s choice and requirements. This makes it extremely user responsive and easy to access. These days even colleges are going mobile. They provide the students with i-Pad or tablets for learning instead of books and notes for learning. In practice, you are in sync with the latest technology and also saving energy by saving paper.


Shreya Sharma is currently pursuing her Post Graduation in Public Relations and Corporate Communication from XIC. She also has 19 months of full time work experience in the hospitality industry.She is a people’s person,always trying to assemble knowledge and learn fromothers.

Training is the means to acquire knowledge, expertise and proficiency which is attained by learning from either on the job or off the job training. The business world is going through an astounding change each moment turning the tendency of the corporate sector towards seeking for professionals with plans to achieve targets. Corporate training is the means to imbibe and refine these skills in corporate professionals. Professionals always face lack of time. They cannot always be physically present for the training sessions. So the best way in which learning can be achieved by these professionals is by getting the knowledge to

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