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issue no 41 | dec 2011

E-LEARNING-AWAY OF LIFE! ODFOLLOWER’SORATE VenkateshGanapathy Internet has become an intrinsic part of our lives today. Despite the various forms of abuse that prevail, the fact is that internet has revolutionised the education sector in many ways that were unimaginable in the last decade. Modern technology tools enable you to stay connected despite the geographical barriers. E-learning has therefore become the next logical step in the process of learning. Special classes are being conducted by schools via tools like video conferencing and Skype. Students in schools are being given projects that are impossible to complete without a computer with an internet connection. Working professionals are realising their dreams of completing their MBA by correspondence but in the process they are suitably aided by e-learning tools. Theoretical papers that were subjective evaluation by examiners are being replaced by online examinations that have objective type questions. However, we need to bear in mind that it is only now that Internet has started reaching our villages and other mofussil areas in India. The success of e-learning is greatly dependent on technology. So, if we have slow internet connections or prolonged power outages, the interruption in e-learning can’t be avoided. Despite these drawbacks, e-learning will become a way of life in the future. E-LEARNING -TECHNOLOGY ENABLED LEARNING PROCESSES THEWORKSHOPWAY NehaKamat

Venkatesh has 19 years of experience in industry. He has been a visiting faculty,teaching subjects like HR,Insurance, Project Management, Supply Chain Management, Risk Management and Technology Management in colleges likeSPJainGlobal,Somaiya,ITM,MIMR,Insurance Institute of India.

Many schools have started using a projector instead of a black board. This is a progressive step indeed; however one can’t help feeling that black boards have their own charm and also biology/chemistry diagrams are best drawn on black boards. To enable e-learning to become more popular, it is important that such courses are offered at an affordable price. So, yes, definitely, e-learning is the next revolution in training.

Neha Kamat – Senior Consultant, Atyaasaa Consulting Pvt.Ltd.,has a post graduate diploma and is a Gold medalist in the field of Human Resources. She is also a DISC certified behavioral analyst and is currently pursuing her post graduate diploma in Instructional Designing.She uses her analytical skills to apply management knowledge in dynamic business context and facilitate people to bring out the best in themselves. She aspires to gain expertise and contribute in all facets of HR.

Just as technology is changing the way we work, communicate, travel and all other aspects of our life, it is also transforming the way we learn. The new buzz word in the arena of training and education is e-learning. E-learning blends the pros of information technology with the enriching process of learning to ensure that individuals can effectively, efficiently, as well as conveniently develop themselves. For organizations wanting augmentation of knowledge, skills and competencies of employees separated by geographical boundaries, e-learning has proved to be an economical tool for success. It makes the learning process independent of person and time, to ensure consistency and ease. Atyaasaa presents the e-learning modules on various topics to enable individuals and organizations to develop their competence expediently. Each module has been crafted taking cognizance of adult learning principles and instructional design frameworks. Every

e-learning module has multiple inter-reliant yet independent sessions to ensure that individuals have an endearing learning experience. These modules provide a comprehensive learning that help individuals, comprehend, retain, revise, apply and evaluate the course content. Highly interactive nature of the modules ensures that the participants are engaged and involved throughout the process. Each e-learning module blends in various pedagogies including audio-visual, caselets, insights, assessments, activity etc. Being compliant to international standards like AICC and SCROM, Atyaasaa’s e-Modules ensure world class quality. Learning is the undying process of evolution of conscience to higher paradigms. And this is an era where the process of learning itself is undergoing perpetual evolution to surpass all the existing paradigms.


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“Learning is eternal, but the right outcome will always depend on the medium you choose to fulfil this desire of wisdom.”

This is not a paid service. Your feedback on the tool will be greatly appreciated and used to further improve this service.

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