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Fall is my favorite season, and the arrival of October in Florida means it finally starts edging out summer. The weather shifts to a not-too-hot, not-too-cold 80 degrees, and the rain lets up for a long string of sunny days. While it’s not the typical North American autumn I grew up with, seeing those months on the calendar still gives my spirits a lift, just in time for the start of Kimberly-Vincent’s busy season. I was born in upstate New York and spent years living in Colorado, Vermont, Minnesota, and Utah, so I’m used to a very different fall — a season when you can see your breath in the crisp air and the leaves change from green to vibrant red, yellow, and orange. Road trips through Vermont and Massachusetts to check out the fall leaves were always a highlight of my year, and I looked forward to walking down the sidewalks of New York City in my favorite jacket and high-top boots. Living in Florida, I do miss that sweater weather, and I’d love to decorate my front porch with pumpkins without having to worry about them going mushy in the heat. Still, on the balance, Florida’s perfect year-round temperature and gorgeous A Very Florida Fall TIPS FOR CELEBRATING AUTUMN IN THE TROPICS

beaches trump a few months of pretty leaves, and I have my own tricks to bring a bit of fall into the tropical climate.

farm in Fort Myers to pick up pumpkins, mush or no mush. Instead of huddling indoors, we get to carve them outside in our shorts and T-shirts thanks to Florida's beautiful weather. If that isn’t enough to make me feel like fall has arrived, I’ll make time in my schedule to go to one of Naples’ fun seasonal events. They never fail to get me in the mood for Halloween! Whether you’re nostalgic about fall like me or just looking for a good time, you can’t go wrong strolling through the Fall Walk at the Naples Botanical Garden (Oct. 17–31), raising a glass at the Brew-Ha- Ha at Mercato (Oct. 19), joining in the Halloween on 5th Spooktacular (Oct. 31), or watching the Halloween Monster 5K at Fleischmann Park (Oct. 26). If this is your first fall in Naples and you’d like some tips on how to make it the best yet — or if you’re on the hunt for the perfect seasonal getaway — Vincent and I can help. Give us a call today at 239-919-2742.

While changing leaves are the hallmark of autumn in the north, the barrage of car carriers signals its arrival in the Sunshine State. The change of colors we see in Naples is the change in license plate colors. Every October, truckloads of vehicles show up in Naples as snowbirds across the country fly south for the winter. I love spotting all the different license plates on each truck and watching people stream out of their condos on Shoreline Boulevard to find their cars — it’s almost as good as a drive to see the leaves! “While changing leaves are the hallmark of autumn in the north, the barrage of car carriers signals its arrival in the Sunshine State.” To really get into the spirit of the season every year, I follow up that car carrier- spotting with a Starbucks pumpkin spice latte. And I always head out to a

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