each other, I can move the second one into the unit as-is and give them a credit for cleaning. Most people are going to clean anyway, so it’s a win-win. I save time and money, and they get to move in sooner and a credit for something they were going to do anyway.” •

square feet of new facilities each year. This is followed by the U.S. (135 million-square- feet) India, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, Western Europe, Mexico, and Turkey. In its first quarter 2016 report, Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) recognized France, Croatia, Poland, Romania, and Slovakia; countries where prices for such properties run at less than €70/m² – as promising European markets. Tranio generally recom- mends investing in ware- housing properties that cost upwards of €2.5 million. Cheap properties often have high risks, including an unfavourable location, poor condition, or a small operator that will “eat up” the investor´s profits. It may be interesting for American investors to invest into Euro- pean markets as a means of portfolio diversification. Dif- ferent currency and different market situation can mitigate risks and protect capital. Furthermore, the U.S. indus- trial and logistics market is hot. According to CBRE research, tight supply pushed net asking rents up in many core markets, with growth averaging 1.5 percent for the second quarter and 6.6 percent year-over-year to $6.78 per square foot, the highest mark since CBRE began tracking this metric in 1989. • > Continued from :: PG 47 Shining Bright with ENERGY STAR often enjoying an elevated sales price.

by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), respon- dents were asked how valuable they find promoting energy efficiency in their properties. In an overwhelming response, 71 percent said it was either very valuable or somewhat valuable. Perhaps as a result of this sentiment, Multiple Listing Services (MLSs) recently began providing sustainable (green) data fields to be filled in when listing a property for sale. Fewer than one in every five MLSs have opted not to include these fields, providing a clear indicator that sustain- ability in a property is becom- ing a popular necessity. Integrating green or sustain- able features to your properties doesn’t have to be scary or diffi- cult. Just do your due diligence to make sure your upgrades are sustainable, energy-saving, and easily recognizable. Under- standing the ENERGY STAR systemwill help with all three because ENERGY STAR pro- vides a common way of com- municating this information between buyers, sellers, renters, and owners. Now that you know exactly what that label means, optimize this knowledge to shine brighter than your mar- ket competition. • > Continued from :: PG 65 Breathing Life Into Communities TOUGH LOVE FOR RELIABLE RETURNS Because to the Phelps-Ke- gloviches, their investments are their family, Phelps is not above doling out a little tough love if the situation calls for it. “Sometimes, you have to say to someone who is applying for a home, ‘Let’s

he said. It started when his sellers gave him permission to show their property but forgot to leave a key. Dooley set the stage: “The buyers are going to show up in five minutes, and uh-oh, no key! I had to find a way inside.” He went on to describe how he tried every door and finally went in through the kitchen window, “breaking my favorite sunglasses” in the process. He unlocked the front door just as the buyers arrived and got the deal done. “Classic,” he said. Much like the young investor himself. • > Continued from :: PG 85 Corporate Housing These tenants are likely to seek certain types of prop- erties and amenities to meet their needs. If your properties fit the bill, then you could be a good fit with the corporate

and being organized. “These days, I runmy life similarly to how I runmy business: planning with the end inmind, organi- zation, the importance of a net- working, and positive thinking all play a part,” he said. “They’re all important tools that real estate investing has forced onme.” Real estate investing has given Dooley many tools for success, but he believes that investing is, at its heart, just another effective life tool to be used and shared. “I want to use my knowledge and ability to create wealth as an example to encourage other young adults to believe in themselves and live a passionate life,” he explained. PRIDE DOESN’T ALWAYS GOWITH THE SUNGLASSES As is typical of most success- ful real estate investors, Dooley recalls one of his worst early moments in real estate as one of his fondest. “My proudest moment was actually a ‘failure.’ I was a day away from closing my second deal and I received a text saying my buyer fell through,” he said. “I was hurt, but I told my- self that I could either let the moment destroy me and all my momentum or define me. I was utterly shocked by my own mental strength in that situation,” he said proudly. Spoiler alert: He went on to do not just one, but three more deals by the end of his first year in the business. While his proudest moment may be tied to a deal that didn’t happen, Dooley says his favorite deal so far is absolutely his first. “I wanted that deal so badly. I was willing to do any- thing, and I learned right away that real estate can get messy,”

housing rental model.

sit down and look at your budget, is that ok?’” Phelps says no one has ever turned her down for her “financial counseling.” She explained, “When they can see they don’t financially qualify [to rent], they end up having a better understanding of why we’re not accepting their appli- cation. The best part is when they return one or two years later, better prepared, and can financially qualify for the home they wanted,” she added. “This process breeds loyalty because they know we care.” Phelps transmits her philoso- phy of financial literacy directly into her communities. She spends hours on financial liter- acy sessions with her residents and their children. “What I’ve learned in property management is that our society has done the greatest disservice to our young people by not teaching financial literacy,” she said. “We are the wealthiest country and yet we are the most financially illiterate. Kids come out of college and have no idea how to do a checkbook register, calculate interest rates, or use a credit card responsibly. Well, not in my communities.” That philosophy is working not just for Phelps-Keglovich’ family, but for their real estate portfolio as well. • OwnWay at 19 last year’s deals to pay for his car and “a few suits.” He laughed, “Other than that, I usually just take vacations or save it.” The other thing Dooley has taken away fromhis remarkably quick and early start in real estate is the importance of planning > Continued from :: PG 66 Making His

> Continued from :: PG 31 Ben Rao: The Entrepreneur tify details about what is lacking in a community and understand its needs. That is how I realized that my area needed an entrepreneurial incubator. I’m filling a need that the city has and build- ing a business that helps with something that I’m passionate about all while doing a real estate deal! “Structuring this type of deal requires you to be creative and opens the door to all sorts of tax abatements, funding, and other incentives. You just have to realize that the city, in- cluding the local government, is not your enemy and the community will open doors for you to do more and more creative real estate.” BEN RAO ON “IMPROVING AN INVESTMENT” “I have never bought a property and then sold it to someone else without doing something to it and owning it for some period of time because I like deals where you figure out a way to do something really creative that allows you to make more money and is not standard. If you do it well, it contributes to building up your business. “For example, when I find that a tenant is moving out, I start advertising right away for a new tenant. That’s not unusual, but I actually often get referrals for the next tenant from the current tenant! Even better, I may not have any vacancy in the residence at all because since the two tenants know

PULLING THE TRIGGER ON YOUR CORPORATE HOUSING INVESTMENT If you are planning to use your corporate housing rental as a retirement home sometime in the future, then a big factor in its purchase will be the location. If you are buying a property using your retirement account, you also must factor the cost of management into your decision since you likely are prohibited from man- aging the property directly. A good corporate housing rental manager can help you identify properties in any area that are good candidates for corporate housing, then work with your personal team of investment advisors to determine if the move is right for you. •

> Continued from :: PG 45 A Closer Look at Industrial Real Estate

For instance, shopping centers in large U.S. and European cities often have parcel lockers, self-storage facilities equipped with credit/debit card terminals and/or enabled with contactless payments, where buyers take delivery of goods ordered online. Savills analysts believe that new warehouses must have the possibility to be used differently. As a result, hybrids of industrial facili- ties, distribution centers and retail, with more space for data centers, photo studios and offices will emerge. Vacant spaces can be let or sublet just like in business centers. Under these circum- stances, facilities that can be refurbished to accommodate market requirements will be in higher demand. THE OPPORTUNITY FOR INVESTORS According to estimates by Colliers, China, driven pri- marily by population growth, will have the highest demand for warehousing facilities globally over the next five years, which equates to a need for up to 527 million


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