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Jordan Dooley takes careful notes on the processes involved in building a home. Right now, the college student and licensed real estate agent focuses mainly on wholesaling, but he plans to take on a fix-and-flip during the next year.


by Carole VanSickle Ellis


was so hungry for success,” Jordan Dooley started off as he began describing his first foray into real estate investing. “I remember when I realized that real estate investing was actually a possibility, that I could really do it. It lit a fire under me.” Dooley sounds like a seasoned investor looking back fondly at his first deal, and he is. However, unlike most seasoned real estate investors, Dooley is just barely 20 years old, has been in- vesting for more than a year, and credits real estate for “chang- ing my life in almost every way.” It may be hard not to smile upon hearing that sort of grandiose “We were riding together in her car and she jokingly said she wished we could be some sort of mother-son power duo,” he recalled. “I said, ‘Why can’t we?’” That could have been where it ended, but Dooley was inspired and began reading the real estate investing course books scattered around his house. Kimberly, herself an experienced real estate investor and agent in addition to being the Ten-X (formerly auction supervisor for the southeastern region of the U.S., had plenty of relevant reading material on hand. One thing Kimberly did not provide was funding for her son’s first deal, however. Nor did she take on his instruction personally. “He has always believed he could pave his own statement from a 20-year-old, but Dooley’s story backs up his statement. He originally en- tered investing almost on a whim after a con- versation with his mother, Kimberly Dooley.

way,” she said proudly. Although Dooley certainly could have relied on his family con- nections to smooth his path, neither he nor his mother were com- fortable with that route. Kimberly did make an initial investment with a local real estate coach, but then stepped back. It all worked. “I did my first deal about 60 days after I started investing,” Dooley recalled. “45 days,” his mother corrected. LEARNING BIG LESSONS FAST So far, Dooley has favored real estate investing strategies with fast turnarounds, wholesaling or a strategy he refers to as “co-wholesaling” wherein he simply acts as a middle man between the buyer and the seller. “With co-wholesaling, you never even see a property if all goes well, and both strategies require no money down,” he explained. Since that first deal, Dooley has done three more for a total of four in the roughly 12 months since he got started. “I backed off quite a bit to pursue my real estate license,” he explained. He now is a licensed agent. He is also a full-time college student. Dooley plans to do “a couple residential deals” now that he has a license under his belt to “solidify my niche as an investor’s agent.” He added, “I want to save up capital to buy my first rental when I’m 24.” In the interim, he said he is using the proceeds from the


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Jordan Dooley is a licensed real estate agent, full-time real estate investor, and a full-time college student. He may be reached on Instagram @DooleyInvesting.

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