NetWorth Realty N etWorth Realty™ is a dynamic national real estate firm specializing

in building wealth and improving com- munities. We provide residential real estate buyers with the inventory, expertise and tools needed to restore and add value to properties with unrealized potential. Net- Worth Realty™ currently has locations in 15 major metropolitan cities across the nation, providing for a consistent and high quality private inventory. Our perpetual growth continues to increase the benefits for buyers of distressed residential real estate. At NetWorth Realty™, we understand that whether you are looking to buy-fix- and-flip, buy-fix-and-hold, or if you have a completely different exit strategy – the largest hurdle is finding quality deals. With more than 150 licensed agents nation- ally, buyers benefit from our collective economies of scale as well as decades of effective application of our proven True Value Methodology. The NetWorth™ True Value Methodology is meant to maxi- mize the value of every property. We only provide properties that we believe can be restored into beautiful, valuable homes, and we don’t cut into your bottom line with member fees, competitive bidding, or finder’s fees. NetWorth Realty™ is here to help our buyers with finding, funding, fixing, and properly exiting a residential real estate opportunity. We provide as much or as little assistance as our buyers deem beneficial. No matter your level of expertise, NetWorth Realty™ should be an asset to your team. NetWorth Realty™ is certainly not a traditional real estate brokerage; we are a unique brokerage created specifically for the distressed residential real estate buyer. Although NetWorth Realty™ does not rep- resent the buyer in transactions, our spe- cialists are fully licensed real estate agents

and we subject ourselves to government regulations, providing our buyers with peace of mind in all our business practices. In 2016, NetWorth Realty™ sold over 1,700 properties to our buyers nationally and we are on pace to sell over 2,000 properties in 2017. These properties are all off-market deals which are not listed on the MLS or any internet site – the only way to secure our deals is from your local NetWorth Specialist. Additionally, to give our buyers the best opportunity for success, we sell our properties at fixed pricing. In contrast to today’s market, we don’t try to squeeze every penny out of a property; by setting fixed pricing, we allow buyers to avoid bidding wars that encroach on the profit

potential of our deals. Furthermore, our properties are sold on a first come, first served basis to keep the opportunity fair for all. This alone sets us apart from the normal rat race that occurs when buyers seek deals to fill their supply line on the open market or with other real estate ser- vices. Our track record for predicting sale prices once proper repairs are completed, or as we call it the NetWorth Price Opinion (NPO), has been tremendous. On average, our buyers have consistently received over 100% of the NPO. For more information on NetWorth Realty™ opportunities, visit us at or call us at 678-335-1272. •


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