OPERATION SMILE This organization provides the funding and support for free surgeries for children with cleft palates around the world.

YOUTH OPPORTUNITY CENTER YOC provides a safe place for troubled children and families.

NETWORKING Be prepared to make the best impression possible and accomplish your personal networking goals. Familiarize yourself with speakers and sponsors/ exhibitors Identify individuals or organizations that you want to be sure to meet Make sure you have plenty of business cards Identify any events, physical and digital, where you can engage other attendees or presenters – these might include a cocktail reception, Q&A sessions, or an associated meetup before or after the main event Find out who else in your area will be attending EDUCATION Get the most out of every speaker, panel, and exhibitor. Sign up for all educational materials in advance, whenever applicable Review the agenda and identify the sessions you will attend Partner up with another investor for better conference coverage Follow all pre- and post-conference coverage for more information Identify all venues for education – speakers and exhibitors may have supplemental events or offer online trainings for attendees DIGITAL/ELECTRONIC Maximize your networking using digital and electronic resources. Follow event sponsors and hosts on social media The Atlanta event is a Think Realty event. Search @wethinkrealty on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.

Follow any event-specific social media profiles The Atlanta Conference and Expo has an event page on Facebook that you will find when you search @wethinkrealty. Share that you are attending the event on social media. Post a professional profile picture on all social media profiles If you’re not already on LinkedIn, set up a profile. Identify any event-related hashtags The Atlanta event can be tracked online with the hashtag #ThinkRealty. Use that hashtag in your own posts to boost your exposure as well. Download event-related apps Think Realty will use Whova at the Atlanta event. Registered attendees can download the app for free from the Apple Store or Google Play to gain access to event-specific offerings like in- app messaging, an online profile, contests with exhibitors, business card exchanges, and more. This is the best way to boost your online presence via social media. Post your experiences as the day goes on using any event-related hashtags. Interact when invited to do so Whether online or in person, be prepared with questions to ask at panels and during Facebook Live interviews. Shake hands Introduce yourself to as many people as possible and connect with them online in at least one way. Send follow-up emails Keep a list of people who were particularly noteworthy to you at the event and email them within 48 hours. This will keep you in the front of their mind as well.

HABITAT FOR HUMANITY This nonprofit housing organization has helped build and repair more than 1 million homes since its founding in 1976. BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA The largest scouting organization in the United States provides a values-based youth development program to build character, citizenship, and personal fitness. BEYOND CELIAC This nonprofit is dedicated to raising awareness of celiac disease and unite patients and partners to drive diagnosis, advance research and accelerate the discovery of new treatments and a cure. REAL WEALTH FOUNDATION Supported by Think Realty’s 2016 Investor Support Organization of the Year, Real Wealth Network, and co-founded by RWN co-founder and 2017 independent panel judge Kathy Fettke, RWF supports organizations that provide micro financing and entrepreneurial training to the poor.

INFLUENCE AND EXPOSURE Post about your experience

HOLIDAY LAYAWAY PAYOFFS Many nominees pay off local stores’ layaway sections in part or whole every Christmas season. mobilized her local trade organization to sew “anti- ouch pouches,” for breast cancer patients. These hand-sewn bags alleviate discomfort after surgery. CANCER CARE One nominee has

LOCAL FOSTER/ ADOPTIVE FAMILY SUPPORT Many nominees support local foster families on an individual level both financially and through physical presence and service.

HIGHER AND CONTINUING EDUCATION Several nominees volunteer their time as formal educators at local colleges, trade schools, and universities, including Kennesaw State University, Judson College Business School, Collin College, and the Fresh Start Business Incubator.

MENTORSHIP AND LOCAL INVESTOR ADVOCACY Nearly all nominees mentor students on a needs-based basis and serve as community leaders for local real estate investing organizations.



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