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OUR SOLUTION A study supporting the creation of MDAR was conducted to understand how the methodology changes made by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and U.S. News & World Report affected a hospital’s overall quality ranking. The hospital found that seemingly small differences in just one part of the reporting chain—the data source—can propagate through all the subsequent analyses, leading to problematic or discordant results in their rankings. It also found common measures across CMS, U.S News & World Report and other quality score organizations.

Reputational MDAR’s effect on reputation is significant by improving ratings and rankings across rating organizations. This improvement can lead to better recruitment and retention of talent while drawing in more patients and increasing market share.

The Tool MDAR focuses onmedical diagnosis accuracy by identifying CCs or MCCs for one or more of the chronic and acute conditions identified by Medicare as clinical areas of importance. A comprehensive dataset is generated daily and includes encounter data, laboratory, vitals, diagnoses, etc. with a relevant clinical lookback. Clinical variables are identified and analyzed for each condition to identify possible quality improvement. The Value of a Quality-Driven, Comorbidity Solution Quality is now the metric that drives overall performance. In order to effectively maximize quality ratings, hospitals must adopt the “It Takes a Village” mentality. Departments and teams that were siloed with singular missions must join and collaborate to elevate their facility and system’s quality performance. MDAR is a technology solution that can cultivate

collaboration to maximize value across the organization. MDAR can add value to financial, reputational and operational areas across a facility or system. Financial MDAR provides direct financial impact through Value-Based Purchasing and the Hospital Readmissions Reduction Program. Indirect benefits can be found through areas, such as contract negotiation and technology enablement, to allow growth without adding incremental cost. Optimized Quality Through improved coding, accurate risk adjusting and correct diagnosis grouping, hospitals are able to produce a more robust and true picture of their clinical outcomes. The MDAR application captures all current and prior quality data points and, through evidence-based algorithms, improves quality reporting and pay-for-performance reimbursements.

MDAR SOLUTION FEATURES • Web-Based Platform • Utilizes EMR • Record Flagging • Prioritized Patient Record List • Dashboard Capabilities • Improved Collaboration

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