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Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System

Keeps your dryer working safely and efficiently. The LintEater ® is the most valuable tool you can own for ensuring safe operation of your clothes dryer. it's easy to use with your cordless drill and provides a means for regular cleaning of your dryer vent system. Clothes dryers are one of the leading causes of home fires. it's easy to see how the LintEater ® may be the safest investment a homeowner could ever make. it will also save you time and money by reducing your drying times.

V Reduces drying times V Helps Prevent dryer fires V Saves money on utility bills

V Removes lint buildup

V navigates multiple turns in dryer vents




Works with Your Cordless Drill!

for more information or to order call 800-325-7076

There’s a hidden fire hazard in almost every home. . . . it’s the dryer vent!

over time, your dryer vent fills with lint that sneaks by the dryer’s filter. overheating comes next as the lint builds up. now you’re just a step away from a fire. isolated incident? not at all. The Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that over 15,000 dryer related fires occur each year causing an estimated 97 million dollars in property loss. The LintEater® is designed for the homeowner by a leading manufacturer of professional duct cleaning equipment. it effectively removes dangerous lint build-up in almost every type of dryer vent system, and it’s easy to use with your cordless drill. The rotating action of the auger Brush and flexible rods scours the entire vent wall surface, while traversing the multiple turns that are common in most vent systems. The included adapters allow you to use the air from your dryer, or a shop vacuum/blower to completely remove lint from the vent while rotary brushing. The Lint Brush will reach 42"—all the way to the bottom of your lint trap. Exceptional reach also makes it a snap to clean behind, underneath and all around your dryer. Use it to clean under appliances, baseboard heating vents or any other hard to reach areas. The included Blockage Removal Tool works great for clearing animal nests and other debris from dryer vents and downspouts.

Dryer Vents

Dryer Interior

Under Refrigerator

Baseboard Heating Vents

The LintEater®System includes


1 -Vacuumadapter. Connect to a shop vac or blower to remove the lint while rotary brushing.

1 - operator’s Manual with instructions and safety tips.

4 - 36" Long flexible rods screw together to reach into vents up to 12' from one end.

1 - Blockage Removal Tool. Removes heavy blockages and clears gutter downspouts.

Pellet Stove Vents


Product number: RLE202 Product Bar Code: 181744000 164 Weight = 2.5 lbs. Product Dimensions: Corrugated Box 4.25" d x 4.25" w x 36.25" h

Retail Case Pack: Six (6) units per case Case Dimensions: 39.5" l x 13.5" w x 11.75" h Case Weight = 17 lbs. Case Bar Code: 10181744000000

1 - Self-feeding 4" auger Brushmakes multiple turns in your vent.

1 - Large 2.5" dia. Lint Brush with Exceptional 42" Reach.

1 - Dryer adapter. if you don't have a shop vac or blower, use the dryer air to remove the lint while rotary brushing.

Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning kit

There’s a hidden fire hazard in almost every home. . . . It’s the dryer vent!

V Designed for shorter vents V Cleans up to 6 ft. of venting*

V Professional results

What’s included

2 – 18" flexible extension rods 1 – Self-feeding auger Brush for cleaning the exhaust vent 1 – 2 ½" dia. “Lint Trap Brush”(42" reach)

* Reaches 3 ft. from each end of vent system - 12 ft. Extention kit sold seperately

LinTEaTER JR. 4-PiECE DRYER VEnT CLEaninG kiT Product number: RJR601 Product Bar Code number: 181744000171, weight = 0.5 lbs. Product Dimensions: Blister pack-2.5" d x 6" w x 20" h Case: (6) units total, weight = 6 lbs. Case Bar Code number: 10181744000178 Case Dimensions: Display Shipper, 7.5" w x 21.25" h x 20.5" d

Shipped in Retail Display Carton

for more information or to order call 800-325-7076

12' Extension Kit

LintCatcher ™

adds to your Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System for vent runs longer than 12 feet.

inCLUDES 4 - 3' long flexible Rods

V Captures loosened lint from the dryer vent while rotary brushing with the System! V Simply attach the LintCatcher to the exterior vent hood, turn on your blower or dryer and begin rotary brushing the vent system. V as the loosened lint is blown out by the blower or dryer air, it is collected in the LintCatcher making your job clean and hassle free. V Works great when cleaning from the outside or from the inside! V Easy to use

LinTEaTER 12 fT. EXTEnSion kiT info Product number: R3203612 Product Bar Code number: 181744000010, weight = .6 lb. Product Dimensions: Tube- 0.5" d x 1.75" w x 37.75" h inner Pack: six (6) units, weight = 5.0 lbs., Dimensions: 38.0" d x 4.5" w x 2.5" h inner Pack Bar Code number: 30181744000011 Case: Six (6) inner packs- (36) units total, weight = 36 lbs Case Bar Code number: 10181744000017 Case Dimensions: 10" w x 8.5" h x 39" d Pallet: 900 units total, 900 pounds, 48 x 40 x 50, 5 tiers of 5 cases per tier

attach the clips

Position LintCatcher over the vent

Secure with drawstring

LinTCaTCHER PRoDUCT info Product number: R4203613 Product Bar Code number: 181744000027, weight = 4 oz. Retail case pack: six (6) units, case weight = 1.2 lbs. Product Dimensions: Polybag- 1.0" d x 6.0" w x 9.0" h Case Bar Code number: 10181744000024 Case Dimensions: 9" w x 6" h x 7" d

LintGard ™

Dryer Safety Monitor

Protect Your Family and Home From a Dryer Fire V Helps prevent dryer fires V Helps reduce energy costs V Easy to install V no power required to operate V Takes the guesswork out of knowing when to clean your dryer vent Lack of maintenance is the leading cause of dryer fires. The most common problem is lint build-up that restricts the airflow causing the dryer to overheat and run longer. The LintGard “Dryer Safety Monitor” helps to ensure home safety and reduce energy costs by continually monitoring the back pressure in the dryer vent system. as lint builds up in the dryer exhaust duct, the back pressure increases causing the dryer to work harder resulting in longer drying times, increased utility bills, and an increased risk of a dryer fire. LintGard plays a vital role in reducing the risk of dryer fires and when used with the LintEater “Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning System,”can save homeowners hundreds of dollars each year in lowered utility bills.


What’s included 1 - LintGard Dryer Safety Monitor 1 - VentTap fitting 1 - 6 ft. Long flexible Tubing

2 - Mounting Screws 2 - Drywall anchors

for more information or to order call 800-325-7076

Easy to Install Step 1: Mount the LintGard monitor to the wall behind the dryer in a visible location. Step 2: Attach the VentTap fitting to dryer exhaust duct close to dryer. Step 3: Connect clear tube fromVentTap fitting to LintGardmonitor.

LintGard Product Info

Product Number: LGM7 Product Bar Code: 181744000270, Weight = 0.5 lbs. Product Dimensions: Clam Shell – 2" d x 6.5" w x 6.5" h Retail Case Pack: Six (6) units per case Case Dimensions: 12.5" l x 7" w x 7" h , Case Weight = 5 lbs. Case Bar Code: 10181744000277

Common Restriction Hazards

Excessive Lint Build-Up in Exhaust Duct

Crushed Vent Hose

Blocked or Restricted Vent Termination

Rotary Chimney Cleaning System Rotary Chimney Cleaning System

CleansWood Stove and Fireplace Flues

Spinning“Chimney Whip” Removes dangerous soot and creosote buildup better than a brush! The“ChimneyWhip” Advantage V Unique “trim to fit”design cleans

multiple flue sizes and shapes (round-square-rectangle-oval)

V Helps prevent flue fires!

V Works with any drill

V Do it yourself and save money

V Won’t scratch metal flues like steel brushes V fits through tight areas

V fits multiple flue sizes

V Won’t scratch metal flue pipes V spins “forward” and“reverse”

V Replaceable whip line

for more information or to order call 800-325-7076

Maintain your wood stove and fireplace chimney without stepping foot on a ladder



Replaces multiple brush sizes Cleans round-square-oval- rectangular flues

6- 3' long flexible rods with reversible“button- link”quick-connect system

Drill not included

1- Trim to fit spin whip cleans flue sizes: – 5 to 18" diameters – Rectangle and oval flues up to 8 x 12" – Square flues up to 12 x 12"

“Button-link” quick-connect system Reversible-spins forward and reverse to clean square and rectangular flues

From the bottom up! SooTEaTER CHiMnEY PRoDUCT info

RoTaRY CHiMnEY CLEaninG SYSTEM Product number: RCH205-B Product Bar Code number: 181744000058, weight = 3.0 lbs. Product Dimensions: Corrugated Box- 3" d x 5" w x 37" h

Case: Six (6) units, case weight = 26 lbs. Case Dimensions: 38.5" l x 10.5" w x 9.5" h Case Bar Code number: 10181744000055 CHiMnEY RoD 2-PaCk Product number: CRD307 Contains (2) individual chimney rods in resale polybag w/header card, pack weight = 1.0 lb., 1" w x 37" l x .5" d , Bar Code #181744000065 inner Pack: contains three 2-packs, inner pack weight = 2.6 lbs. inner Pack Dimensions: 2.5" w x 2" h x 37.25" d , Bar Code number: 30181744000066 Case: Six (6) inner packs (eighteen (18) 2-packs total), case weight = 18 lbs. Product Bar Code number: 181744000089, weight = 4 oz. Product Dimensions: Polybag- 2.0" d x 8.0"w x 18.0" h inner Pack: six (6) units, inner pack weight = 1.8 lbs., 5" h x 20.5" d x 8.5" w inner Pack Bar Code number: 20181744000083 Case: Sixteen (16) inner packs (96 sets total), case weight = 35.5 lbs. Case Dimensions: 21" w x 21" h x 29" d Case Bar Code number: 10181744000086 REPLaCEMEnT CHiMnEY WHiP LinE Product number: RCWL209 Product Bar Code number: 181744000096, weight = 1.6 oz. Product Dimensions: Polybag- .25" d x 8.0" w x 8.0" h inner Pack: six (6) units, pack weight = 0.8 lbs., 10" w x 2.5" h x 8.75" d inner Pack Bar Code number: 20181744000090 Case: Twenty-eight (28) inner packs (168 sets total), case weight = 25.8 lbs. Case Dimensions: 5.5" w x 7.25" h x 37.75" d Case Bar Code number: 10181744000062 CHiMnEY WHiP HEaD W/LinE Product number: CWH208

1- Drill adapter 1- Hex key

Rotary flexible Rods Durable—won't break Makes multiple bends Use year after year

1- 52 x 48" fireplace/ stove opening cover

Clean from the bottom up without getting on a ladder!

Case Pack Dimensions: 10.25" w x 17" h x 35" d Case Bar Code number: 10181744000093

1- User’s guide

Rotary Chimney Cleaning System Rotary Pellet Stove Cleaning System

The Spinning “Propeller” Brush Advantage V advanced Cleaning action V improves Stove Efficiency V navigates Multiple Bends in Vents V Works With Your Cordless Drill V Effectively Removes Dangerous Soot and ash Buildup V Cleans 3 in. and 4 in. Pellet Vents V Cleans up to 9 ft. long (6 ft. Extension kit Sold Seperately) V Helps Prevent flue fires! V Do it Yourself and Save Money V Won’t Scratch Metal flue Pipes

for more information or to order call 800-325-7076

Easily Clean and Maintain Your Entire Pellet Stove System

What’s Included

sooteater pellet Product Info Rotary Pellet Stove Cleaning System Product Number: RPS204-B Product Bar Code Number: 181744000041, weight = 2.0 lbs. Product Dimensions: Corrugated Box- 2" d x 4" w x 36.25" h

1 - 4 in. Dia. “Propeller”Brush 1 - 3 in. Dia. “Propeller”Brush 3 - 36 in. Long Flexible Rods Note: These rods do not connect to the SootEater “Chimney System” rods

Case: Six (6) units, case weight = 9.0 lbs. Case Dimensions: 37.5" l x 8.5" w x 6.5" h Case Bar Code Number: 10181744000048 Pellet Rod 2-Pack

2-Pack: PRD308, contains (2) individual pellet rods in resale polybag w/header card, pack weight = 0.5 lb., 1" w x 36" l x .5” d , Bar Code #181744000072 Inner Pack: contains six 2-packs, inner pack weight = 2.5 lbs. Inner Pack Dimensions: 2.75" w x 2.25" h x 36.5" d Inner Pack Bar Code Number: 20181744000076 Case: Six (6) inner packs (thirty-six 2-packs total), case weight = 16 lbs.

Case Dimensions: 37.0" l x 5.75" w x 9.5" d Case Bar Code Number: 10181744000079 Replacement Propeller Brush Set Product Number: PBS212

1 - Long Handled Stove Cleaning BrushWith Scraper

Description: Includes 1- 3" dia. and 1- 4" dia. Propeller Brush Product Bar Code Number: 181744000287, weight = 4.0 oz. Product Dimensions: Clear Clam- 2.0" d x 5.0" w x 8.0" h

Case: Six (6) units/case - weight = 2.0 lbs. Case Dimensions: 5.5" w x 8.5" h x 7.0" d Case Bar Code Number: 10181744000284

Rotary Gutter Cleaning System




Accessories Included

Gutter Brush with Water Jet nozzle

Rotary Paddle Brush

Gutter Scoop withWater Jet nozzle

Digital Camera Mount— inspect Gutters Before and after Cleaning Camera not included

Works with your cordless drill!

for more information or to order call 800-325-7076

Includes Everything Needed to Clean and Maintain Your Gutters Without Stepping Foot on a Ladder

What’s included

V Lightweight and easy to use V Rotary power for faster cleaning V non-rotary tools for tough debris V Remove and rinse process V Extendable reach > Up to 12 ft. reach included > additional extension poles sold separately

1. Rotary Drive Extension Poles 2. Rotary Paddle Brush 3. Gutter BrushwithWater Jet nozzle 4. Gutter ScoopwithWater Jet nozzle 5. CurveTubewith flex Drive 6. GripHandle 7. Water Control Handle 8. Digital CameraMount 9. Drill adapter 10. Button ReleaseTool 11. Right angle Gear Drive 12. flow-ThruThreaded adapter



Gutter Cleaning System additional Extension Poles Sold Separately Ultra-Lite Pole Sections internal Rotary Drive adjustable Grip Handle WorksWithYour Cordless Drill The included flow-Thru Threaded adapter can be usedwith a variety of cleaning and painting tools. > Gutter exterior cleaning >Window cleaning > Painting





Connect additional Pole Sections for Higher Reach (Sold Separately) Rotary Drive flow-Thru Extension Poles





GUT TER SYSTEM Product number: VGS722 Product Bar Code: 181744000256 Weight = 5.75 lbs. Product Dimensions: Corrugated Box 3.85" d x 6" w x 40.5" h Retail Case Pack: Six (6) units per case Case Dimensions: 41.34" l x 13" w x 13" h Case Weight = 36 lbs. Case Bar Code: 10181744000253

EXTEnSion kiT Product number: VXT006 Product Bar Code: 181744000263 Weight = 2.25 lbs. Product Dimensions: Blister Pack 2" d x 4.5" w x 40.5" h




Retail Case Pack: Six (6) units per case Case Dimensions: 41.34" l x 9.65" w x 6.7" h Case Weight = 15 lbs. Case Bar Code: 10181744000260


Read what our customers are saying!

About LintEater: One of the smartest and simple-to-use tools available. No one, with a gas or electric clothes dryer, should be without this product. Quality construction and well priced (I shopped around). The last time I paid to have a dryer duct cleaning, it cost me twice what I spent on this product. DANNY, HACI ENDA HEIGHTS , CA Outstanding product. I was amazed at the amount of lint that had accumulated in the dry vent and how quickly and thoroughly the Linteater System removed it. AL , AVON, OH This thing is awesome! It took about 30 minutes to remove half a shop-vac full of lint. It used to take at least two cycles to dry my clothes, now they are done in one. It will probably pay for itself in one or two months of lower electricity bills. You won't be disappointed. Ken, Jack sonv i lle , FL The Lint Eater is truly an amazing product. I used all 27 feet to go from the outside of my house to inside my utility room. Even very wet lint was removed from the vent. Obviously, my drying times are way down. I recommended this product to several of my friends. WALTER , HOUSTON, TX This product worked great. I was able to remove 30 years of lint buildup with the ease of running the vacuum. Nowmy wife has the piece of mind that her cloths dryer won't catch the house on fire. THOMAS , LARGO, FL Excellent product - cleaned out our dryer vent quickly and completely. Dryer now drys clothes in 1/2

The Linteater systemworks great. I recommend buying the bag also. I tried my ordinary 5hp shop vac, and it clogged in seconds. The bag on the end of your duct worked like a charmwith this system. CLINT, PARKER , CO About SootEater: This is the best cleaning system I have used. The best thing about it is being able to clean from the bottom of the chimney. MICHAEL , UNION GROVE , AL I just love this rotary chimney cleaner! Now I don't have to go up on the roof at all! AND I can finally clean the 1' section between the damper and snaked itself right up the flue like magic, cleaning on the way back down also—just the best chimney cleaner I've ever used! Thank you for a wonderful product & quick shipping. CRYSTAL , HAWTHORNE , NV Works great, so easy to use, my chimney is so clean after using this cleaning system, my chimney is about 30' tall and cleaned the whole thing from the clean out in my basement. DUST IN, BROWNSVI LLE , V T Great product. Easy to use and it does a very nice job! Excellent value. BRYAN, MI LWAUKEE , WI

the time! Removed a LOT of lint. BARRY, WELLESLEY, MA

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