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INSIDE THEWAVE 5 Original Mixed Media | 38cm x 38cm


(American, b. 1958)

Alex Echo is an American artist now living full time in London.

locations around the world. Later, in 2013-14, Echo painted a bespoke guitar by request of Eric Clapton, which was played by Clapton and later sold at auction to benefit the Crossroads Centre in Antigua, a rehab facility founded by Mr. Clapton. Most recently he worked in cooperation with HRH Prince Charles and The Elephant Family in London, creating a one of a kind TUK TUK that was auctioned at the private residence of Prince Charles; the sale raised £52,000.00 ($81,500.00), the proceeds of which were dedicated to saving the Asian Elephant. He has built a successful client base in China, Singapore, India, Europe and the UK, with collectors in most American states as well. Collectors include The Carter Centre, Jimmy and Roslyn Carter, HSH Prince Rainier of Monaco, The Princess Grace Foundation, Sir Paul Smith, Ted Turner, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Downey Jr. Madonna, Alain Boublil, The estate of Dr. Timothy Leary, Climate Change Capital, The Elephant Family, NIKE, Sony SWATCHWatch, AT&T, MGM, Gibson Guitars, Broadway Cares, APLA, Seagrams, Montblanc, The Elton John AIDS Foundation AMFAR and Absolut.

Tirelessly and without any fanfare, Alex Echo has created artwork professionally for thirty- seven years, and has placed his works in the collections of some of the world’s top corporations, institutions and celebrities. He considers himself an ultimate outsider and one of the most successful and one of the happiest, utterly unknown artists in the world. Echo has worked relentlessly for various charities and institutions, raising nearly $850,000.00 from the direct sale of his work for a multitude of projects, including selling ten paintings at the prestigious Wallace Collection in London. The proceeds from this sale were used to rebuild an earthquake-destroyed school in southern China. He also created one of SWATCHWatches’ most successful artist watches, “The Imagine Love” watch, selling more than 153,000 units and giving all his royalties to send over 80 children affected by AIDS to a healthy summer camp in New York with full health care.

In 2010-11, Echo created the principle designs for the Paul Smith “Couture Women’s Wear Collection”, which sold in

SUMMER REFLECTIONS ABSTRACTED 1 Original Mixed Media | 60cm x 60cm

DISAPPEARING HORIZON 2 Original Mixed Media | 60cm x 60cm

The idea of shapeshifting or metamorphosis has been present in folklore and mythology since antiquity. From the oldest incarnations of totemism, to early accounts of shamans, the ability of an entity to transform its shape or being has long held great power and wonder.

EVE 1 Original Mixed Media | 220cm x 60cm

STAR LIGHT 3 Original Mixed Media | 38cm x 38cm

INSIDE THEWAVE 6 Original Mixed Media | 38cm x 38cm

WHEN NATURE RETURNS 1 Original Mixed Media | 101cm x 51cm

WHEN NATURE RETURNS 7 Original Mixed Media | 51cm x 101cm

WHEN NATURE RETURNS 11 Original Mixed Media | 38cm x 38cm

WHEN NATURE RETURNS 39 Original Mixed Media | 101cm x 101cm

Alex Echo is continually searching for a new language from which to communicate his love for this earth. At this time, he asserts that “the world must fall in love with nature again”, Echo has reignited his passion for botanical study and is reimagining the floral genre.

WHEN NATURE RETURNS 41 Original Mixed Media | 76cm x 101cm

BUNNY SCULPTURES Original Mixed Media | Height 46cm

FLORA 3 Original Mixed Media | 77cm x 102cm

WHEN NATURE RETURNS 42 Original Mixed Media | 101cm x 76cm

Echo, as an artist, embodies the themes and power of shapeshifting. Constantly evolving his technique and execution, his artistic practice is mercurial. Similarly, the abstract nature of Echo’s work allows the subject to represent all things to all people.

THE STARS LOOK VERY DIFFERENT TODAY 1 Original Mixed Media | 40cm x 54cm

RIVER RUN Original Mixed Media | 152cm x 50cm

RIVER RUN 2 Original Mixed Media | 60cm x 60cm

AMBIENT SUNSET 2 Original Mixed Media | 50cm x 152cm

AMERICAN DREAM 2 Original Mixed Media | 83cm x 160cm

ENDLESS HORIZON 1 Original Mixed Media | 51cm x 152cm

ENDLESS HORIZON 6 Original Mixed Media | 51cm x 101cm

FOLLOWTHE CURRENT 3 Original Mixed Media | 38cm x 38cm

OVER THE FALLS 1 Original Mixed Media | 91.5cm x 91.5cm

BEING THERE: LIFE IS A STATE OF MIND 1 Original Mixed Media | 102cm x 50cm

“I hope that people can fall into these paintings and roll around in them. Look up at the blue sky through them. Smell the spring and summer breeze with them. Recall how sweet life can be seeing them – and remember how important the earth is to us all…” Alex Echo

BOTH THE SINNER AND THE SAINT 3 Original Mixed Media | 101cm x 101cm

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