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L ooking at forecasts for 2020, there is a general belief in relation to the housing sector, that consumers will wait until the Budget before considering moving. According to Russell Galley, managing Director of Halifax, it is expected, during 2020, that there will be house price growth of between 1% and 3%. In a recent article he said: "The housing market in 2019 followed a similar path to recent years. Modest price growth was supported by falling mortgage rates and a low volume of houses for sale, factors which can in part be attributed to elevated uncertainty.” There are higher hopes for 2020 with transaction volumes expected to rise, meaning house prices should rise thanks to “growth in households’ real incomes.” It is expected that with fewer homes for sale and problems brought about by the need for larger deposits, that this could still have a considerable impact.

Yet it is not all doom and gloom with areas of growth predicted in infrastructure and renewable energy. There is more optimism predicted in warehouse building and regeneration which is expected to rise by 20% during 2020. This has been attributed to the need for online retailers to provide better and faster logistics as the ‘High Street’ continues to be hit by poorer profits and rising business rates. In respect of the private housing sector, there is growth expected this year with a more stable economy and demand for new build set to rise thanks to improvements with the Help To Buy system. Despite housing association development considered a contributing factor in the housing market slowing down, there is still positive news for public housing which is attributed to Shared Ownership and Affordable Homes Programmes. Overall there appears to be a positive outlook in general for construction moving forward, with the CPA upgrading growth expectations for 2021 from zero % construction to1.7%.

For the Glass and Glazing sector there would seem to be a generally positive forecast and this will no doubt be at the forefront of our minds with the continuing national fascination regarding house prices. Constantly we try to second guess the movement of the property market, with detailed analyses from one lender, broker or sales agent or another, being put in front of us to scrutinise faster than we can blink. Another area that is sure to have an impact on the glazing sector will be energy efficiency and the reduction of carbon footprints, remaining an important topic. It is hoped by the Solar Trade Association that this will impact the solar industry to provide a viable solution for the sector and enable it to continue developing. The UK solar market is now progressing as completely subsidy-free. Sustainable growth is anticipated from 2020 to 2023 although the speed of that will be hard to quantify. But as we head forward into a new year, it looks like there is plenty of opportunity and potential.

It seems incredulous that as we begin a new year we are all still pondering on the outcome of Brexit in respect of the UK economy. The continuing uncertainty it brings regarding the terms of the UK’s final withdrawal from the European Union resulted in the CPA (Construction Products Association) downgrading forecasts for UK construction for last year. Looking forward the CPA has downgraded forecasts for 2020 from 1.0% and 1.4% to 0.5% and 0.9% as Brexit continues to have major effects on construction and regeneration delivery times. Due to house prices being sluggish this is having a major influence on commercial investment, hence the negative projections. The continued uncertainty Brexit brings has left its mark, with an obvious reluctance to invest in new build offices continuing, as investors seem to prefer to wait until the UK’s relationship with Europe is established and the future is more certain.









Due to circumstance, this might be the very first time you are considering changing your sash window supplier. Or, perhaps you just want to try an alternative award winning sash window specialist to offer your customers a wider choice. Either way, we would like to help you to increase your VS sales. With 31 years focussed on manufacturing high quality timber alternative sash windows, we are true specialists and confident that our products will impress your customers. We have also earned a sound reputation for always providing an exceptional level of personal service and our entire team are committed to delivering this. Having just launched our new specification for 2019 featuring exclusive new Masterframe Systems, standard with patented Timberweld ® technology, we would welcome the opportunity to take you through the improved product offering and delighted to quote you within 24 hours. No matter the size or design of a home or project, if sash windows are required then we can help. If a specialist solution is required for a conservation area, modern development, school or historic building our sash windows add the right amount of authentic styling to either fit seamlessly into original settings or set the property apart from other new developments. FEEL FREE TO CONTACT US ANY TIME! Tel: 01376 510410 email:

Designed for thosewho appreciate authenticdetailing

To see the choices, including patented Timberweld ® corner design, download our new brochures. Visit

to download our new brochures. Some of the advantages we offer as standard: 10 year guarantee for peace of mind Made in Britain for continuity

BBA Approval on standard window sizes for longevity Energy Savings Trust recommended for energy efficiency Specialist solutions for challenging projects that require matching new to original designs Free and safe UK mainland delivery Quotes within 24 hours with customer proposal CAD drawings where required Expert technical support Free 47 page professional conservation guide Free product training and factory visit Call our friendly sales team on 01376 510410 or email for a fast quote.




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For commercial upgrades Augmented Reality (AR) provides options on the best way to redesign production floors as well as completely new facilities in order to get the best out of machinery investment. AR is one of the fastest growing technologies available and investors are keen to see how their investments will work to their best effect. On commercial projects CAD demonstrates how production costs can be reduced. It shows how the whole business can work not just faster but smarter. From architecture to interior home design, the AR headset or VR may soon be as universal to both large and small businesses as smartphones and iPads. AR and VR are progressive and as emerging technologies they save time in all areas of renovation and redesign on commercial and domestic projects. People are quickly catching onto how beneficial this type of technology can be for their individual market sectors as the online and visual reach is extremely powerful. With design apps now so readily available installers can gain advantages or even get larger investment in a project, by demonstrating what an overhaul could look like over a replacement window project. Designing using these systems offers a number of advantages over traditional drafting methods. Designs can be altered immediately to demonstrate alterations or new requirements to a project. Zoom features allow a designer to magnify aspects of a reconfiguration and to illustrate the spatial requirements of new machinery investments.

Home Design 3D, let’s iPhone users create virtual models of a property by creating virtual renderings complete with paint colours and furniture. Android users can also use similar programs which provide a number of advantages for the building and specification sectors, as contractors can calculate the costs regarding configured renovations. Apps have revolutionised the way we all do business. Installation companies are now using this type of technology to provide customers with an advanced app preview of their range. This allows consumers to have a visual of what they are looking for before visiting a showroom, for example. For many this simplifies the decision making process, but also it enables comprehensive discussion to take place and greatly contributes to overall customer satisfaction. Many manufacturers and installation companies have adopted 3D simulation now, believing it to be an integral part of the purchasing and planning stages. Accurate, animated simulations which include the smallest details, even down to furniture and final views. Despite the fact that applications offer handy and unique ways to visualise a remodelling project, even the best laid plans can go awry without the right preparations, so exploring all available options covers the necessary bases and keeps a project moving along smoothly and seamlessly.

I ntelligent technology is now as much a part of business as the way people conduct business. Yet a few years ago who could have ever imagined that phones would also change the way that many people are re-modelling their homes. Kitchens, bathrooms, conservatories can now all be designed right there in front of your eyes. Stunning orangeries, garage conversions, bathroom renovations or kitchen extensions. Let’s not forget commercial re-design.

Once the decision has been made to renovate or update it’s common to wonder what those changes will actually look like once installed and the true benefits that can be achieved. Installers and builders are now able to advise consumers and investors on all aspects of design thanks to CAD drawings and AR.





NEW Slimline SL16 integral blinds

Ideal for composite doors and vertical sliding windows Slider or cord controlled options Available in white, beige or silver ONLY fromMorley Glass & Glazing ORDER TODAY

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SECURITY Security testing, covered by PAS24 and Secured By Design, is critical for windows used in commercial buildings and new build developments; and we don’t see any evidence of this being achieved with the Liniar system utilising an alternative steel reinforcement. In fact, PAS24 can only be achieved once all three parts of the BS6375 standard above have been met. Of course, fabricators are free to offer non-PAS24 accredited windows, but if the test certification is used with non-approved steel components, the product itself will not be guaranteed by the systems company, nor covered by the The BSI Group offers fabricators the opportunity to incorporate the test data already undertaken by the systems company in achieving their BSI Kitemark, under the System Supplier Support Programme (SSSP); and a critical condition of this is that they must use the exact same hardware, reinforcement and fixing components as specified and tested by the systems company. Liniar is audited by the BSI twice each year to ensure it remains fully compliant, and invests a significant sum to test every single product, at its maximum size, so we can stand by our guarantees. THERMAL CALCULATIONS Every systems company makes substantial investments in providing thermal calculations for its product range; Liniar has thousands available online. All calculations are based on the products including reinforcement supplied by Liniar, so any alternative components would render all these invalid. British Standard. BSI KITEMARKS

A n article was recently published in The Glazine (see glazine07january2020) with Anglo European making claims its reinforcement is “a match for those supplied by three named systems companies” – one of which is Liniar. Liniar is fully expecting systems companies, testing houses, suppliers and the industry’s governing bodies to work together quickly to separate fact from fiction, in order to ensure that product performance and safety is not compromised. Ultimately it will be the industry’s governing bodies that rule on the outcome, but in the meantime we feel it is time for Liniar to speak out. products trying to undercut the original and claim a share of the market. We’re used to seeing this, even within our own industry – but when these products are components that are hidden away inside others, and which potentially threaten the safety, quality, stability and brand reputation of the whole system, it is imperative that the full implications of using substitutes are considered. INVESTMENT Steel and aluminium reinforcements for windows and doors are an integral part of any system, for good reason. Systems companies invest literally millions of pounds in design, development and testing in order to make sure products are fully accredited before they’re launched onto the market. LINIAR’S RESPONSE TO ITS INTERPRETATION OF “FAKE NEWS” Whenever a product becomes successful, in any industry, there is often a wave of copycat

There are many reasons for the exact specification of the Liniar system; and it doesn’t just stop with third party testing of a single window or door. Every window system is subject to a mass of requirements from specifiers, fabricators, installers and consumers, from wind loading and thermal performance calculations to test results at maximum sizes for security and overall performance. When we see a company claiming that “the reinforcement we supply is equal to that supplied by systems companies, meeting and exceeding, all of the criteria performance that they’ve laid down,” we feel it’s time to lift the lid on the inaccuracy of this bold statement – which we regard as “fake news”. STRENGTH (EI) The material specification and coatings are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to reinforcement. The shape and thickness of the reinforcement is critically important for its strength characteristics (EI Value). Liniar provides support on a daily basis to customers fabricating large structural facades to ensure they are safe and able to withstand the calculated wind pressures. Liniar cannot offer structural advice for products using reinforcement with unproven strength values. PERFORMANCE The British Standard (BS6375) referred to in the article consists of three parts. The full Liniar system is tested to all three parts of this standard, resulting in the maximum size of windows and doors currently specified in our fabrication manual. The Anglo product in this case has only been tested to the first part of the standard, weather tightness, and we would question whether the maximum sizes laid out by Liniar’s fabrication manual have been adhered to. If not, are fabricators aware of their new maximum product sizes?

Over the last few years, we’ve seen an increase in suppliers claiming that Liniar, along with other systems companies, makes ‘most of its profit’ from steel and aluminium. As a PVCu extrusion company with sales exceeding £90m, Liniar’s core business is the supply of PVCu profiles. Be assured that our purchase, stockholding and distribution of steel and aluminium products is marginal at best – we do this to give customers the peace of mind that the Liniar products they manufacture and supply are fully compliant. GUARANTEES As other systems companies have communicated, Liniar has no hesitation in confirming that in cases where components used within the fabrication process do not meet or exceed the specification defined by Liniar, it will not honour product warranties or guarantees. Liniar has been publicly vocal on this exact subject since early 2018 (see our article when-is-a-liniar-window-not-a-liniar-window).






Fabricators of the Liniar system can submit alternative components, and we will make an assessment. Where they meet or exceed specification, we will potentially write them into our fabrication manuals and approve their use. As a company we work with customers to help maximise both their sales and their profits. CORPORATE CONSCIENCE As a leading brand, Liniar has several duties of care. Not only do we need to protect our brand reputation, we have an even bigger duty of care to our fabricators and ultimately the end user, in doing the right thing and making sure Liniar fabricated products are safe. With circa 3 million Liniar fenestration products manufactured and sent out into the marketplace each year, the risks are high – and that’s why we invest so much time, effort and resources in making sure our customers don’t have to face these significant risks on their own. It’s definitely time to speak out; as a company and an industry we will be working swiftly to ensure that product performance, safety and the reputation of our industry are not compromised. Don’t be fooled – and potentially put yourself, your business and your customers at risk. MARTIN THURLEY GROUP MANAGING DIRECTOR LINIAR

If any component used by the fabricator, including reinforcement, is not written into the system company’s fabrication manual, then the BSI Kitemark will not be valid. The fabricator must carry out a stand-alone full type test and produce its own controlled fabrication manual for all product types within the system. If there are any industry standard changes that require additional testing, it becomes the fabricator’s responsibility to comply with these also, along with the substantial costs incurred. The fabricator would also become responsible for establishing and updating its own thermal calculations using alternative components, as Liniar’s calculations would not apply. THE COMMERCIAL REALITY Steel suppliers may promise significant cost savings on the face of it. We totally understand that a potential boost to your bottom line may appear attractive. But it’s not just about the financial cost. The Grenfell developers may have saved a heap of money at the time; but was it really worth it when the products failed and lives were lost? As our customers will attest, Liniar doesn’t aim to penalise them. We’ve spent the last 12 years building an enviable brand reputation, based on high quality, safe products. We take a balanced approach to the commercial reality our customers face – our motivation is simply to ensure Liniar products are produced to the correct specification. It’s about doing the right thing – making sure the products that bear our name are fit for the purpose intended.

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You increase your prot with the new B‘CHAMP generation.

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• Higher yield • Shorter changeover times • Footprint reduced by up to 50%

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You will find additional information on our dedicated page and those who are clever, register immediately and secure an exclusive presentation of the new B’CHAMP.






Take a different view in 2020

A s the 2020 NFA campaign is about to open, the awards are very happy to announce that the 2019 winners of the Vertical Sliding Window company have signed up to be Ambassador sponsors of this year’s campaign. Victorian Sliders won their category with over 52% of the vote in what was a very tight and competitive field. They also came second in the Fabricator/Manufacturer category and third in the PVC Company category. So the 2019 NFA campaign was a very successful one for the company. There are only a small number Ambassador sponsorship slots available in the National Fenestration Awards, which makes them very exclusive and sought after. As Ambassador sponsors, Victorian Sliders will be one of the awards key supporters during the 2020 campaign, helping to push the positive message of the awards to the fenestration industry, as well as the awards promoting the Victorian Sliders brand and helping to achieve the company’s targets throughout the course of the year. With a purpose-built 240,000 square foot production facility based in Carmarthenshire, South Wales. Victorian Sliders are Europe’s largest specialist manufacturer of PVC-U vertical sliding sash windows, extruding and fabricating made to measure ECOSlide windows. Jason Grafton-Holt, co-founder of the NFAs commented: “its fantastic to welcome Victorian Sliders on board the growing NFA platform. After a very successful year for the company in the

2019 campaign, their Ambassador role during 2020 shows their commitment not only to the awards, but to a better way of representing the fenestration industry and rewarding the very best. We are looking forward to promoting the Victorian Sliders brand this year and to help them achieve their goals for 2020.” Andy Jones, Group Managing Director, said: “Victorian Sliders are proud to be sponsoring what is fast becoming the industry’s benchmark awards, I am very lucky to have won the NFA Awards across three companies since its inception seven ago, firstly with Edgetech, then Synseal and now Victorian Sliders. Other awards are judged either by their written entry or at best by an industry expert however the NFA Awards stand alone by being judged by the most rigorous expert judge of them all, the customer. That is why we have taken the decision to become Ambassador Sponsors and why we will whole heartedly be getting behind what we believe to be the “customers choice” awards.” The 2020 National Fenestration Awards are due to begin on Friday 24th January, with news about the campaign and the 2019 Winners Event due to be announced shortly. You can get in touch with the NFAs via Twitter: @NatFenAwards, Facebook: fenestrationawards you can email: or call 01924 911234.

Call: 01269 846200 Find out why 3,000 installers chose Victorian Sliders in 2019

Vertical Sliding Window Company of the Year!






prestigious Capital Square commercial scheme in the heart of Edinburgh’s business district.

Providing turnkey solutions using Kawneer and Metal Technology systems from its state-of-the- art factory near Glasgow, CMS is ideally positioned to deliver complete envelope packages for all kinds of commercial, public sector and residential projects, large and small. With BIM Level 2 design capability and a highly skilled in-house team providing design and value engineering expertise, CMS is increasingly becoming the supply chain partner of choice for many main contractors and clients. Commenting on the awards finalists, Construction News editor Lem Bingley said: “The UK construction sector is a significant pillar of the national economy and it rests on the unique skills of specialist contractors to deliver at every stage, from demolition to topping off. Our shortlisted organisations demonstrate the breadth of capabilities offered by today’s specialists as well as their ability to innovate and diversify, providing additional value to their clients. “Finalists will now progress to our face-to-face judging stage, where they will have the chance to impress some the UK’s biggest and most significant contractors and developers.” The winners will be announced on 25 March 2020 at a glamorous ceremony at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London where over 1,000 of the industry elite will meet for a night of entertainment, celebration and networking.

S cotland’s largest window, door and curtain walling manufacturer and installer, CMS Window Systems, has been named as a finalist in the prestigious Construction News Specialists Awards 2020. The company is shortlisted in the Specialist Contractor of the Year (turnover over £25m) category in what is the only national awards programme recognising the best specialist contractors from across the UK. The winners, who will be announced at a special ceremony in London in March, will be decided by a panel of more than 60 judges, made up from the country’s largest construction firms and the leaders of many major projects. As a UK-wide window, door and façade supplier to many of the country’s main contractors and developers, CMS Window Systems has established a loyal and growing client base for its aluminium building envelope solutions. Its current major façade projects include BAM Construction’s prime Atlantic Square mixed use development in central Glasgow and the

More information about CMS can be found at





glass technology

TheLeadingPVCu Window&Door manufacturer

RapidLam Shape: More Scope To Shape The Future.

Windows&Doors PVCu



Shape Cutting of Laminated Glass as a Compact Unit More possibilities to cut shapes and free forms on laminated glass. Can be integrated into an existing line, or as stand-alone machine. This compact machine uses synchronised turning cutting heads, providing precise results that match the cutting plan. • Automatic cutting of free forms in laminated glass • Can be used as part of a cutting line or as stand-alone machine • Laser foil separation can be installed at a later date




028 9446 2419




HEGLA Machinery (UK) Ltd. •Buckinghamshire•MK8 0AJ•E-mail:




A tlas Glazed Roof Solutions is looking towards another strong year as it of budget for new business, with many new installers benefiting from the multi award-winning showroom support package from Atlas. Gareth Thomas, sales and marketing director at Atlas, says: “2019 was a terrific year for Atlas and we are delighted to have welcomed so many new customers on board. We fully expected demand to be high for our Lantern 2.0 because it is the best lantern available on the market today, but we’re very pleased with how the Atlas Flat Rooflight has performed, with year on year sales up by 16%. In a challenging market, we’re really proud to have achieved these impressive results and we’re looking forward to sharing a great year ahead with all of our customers.” Atlas has welcomed scores of installers on board since it launched its Lantern 2.0 a year ago. The slimmest, lightest, finest looking and most thermally efficient lantern that Atlas has ever created, it has become the lantern of choice for announces that it is more than 15% ahead

colours (grey, black, white, grey on white and black on white), plus bespoke colours and sizes up to 1 x 3m to order. Installers are now also able to source the Atlas lantern and flat rooflight through Stevenswood trade counters and the products are on display in many of Stevenswood’s national network of 34 branches. For further information, please contact Atlas on or phone 02838 327741. Atlas Glazed Roof Solutions is part of Customade Group, which operates nationwide and employs 1100 people in multiple manufacturing sites across the UK. The group also includes Polyframe (PVC-u), REAL Aluminium (aluminium), Virtuoso Doors (composite and PVCu door panels), Hourglass Seal (sealed glass units), Stevenswood Trade Centre (trade counters) and Fineline Aluminium (specialist glazing).

many installers because it is easy to sell and quick and simple to install. The Atlas Flat Rooflight was created to deliver ‘ALL SKY AND NO ROOF’, bringing ultimate performance and maximum light in a sleek, minimalistic design. And, like the Atlas Lantern 2.0, it has been designed to be easy to fit to help installers speed up their installations and enhance their profits. “Installers have definitely caught on to the incredible selling potential of these products, which are perfect for the growing flat roof extension market,” adds Gareth. “And we’ve seen a marked increase in the number of firms installing display products in their showrooms. We do encourage our customers to invest in their showrooms because we know that they’re likely to sell a third more products because of them. There really is no better way to show off the contemporary look and minimalistic design of the Atlas range – when homeowners see how good the display looks, it makes an easy sale for the installer.” The Flat Rooflight and Lantern 2.0 displays are just one element of the

comprehensive marketing support package from Atlas, which has been developed to give installers all the resources they need to create a professional appearance and successfully promote and sell to customers. It includes brochures, which can be personalised with the installer’s logo and company details, digital marketing support, direct mail and advertising templates, retail leaflets and showroom display graphics. The experienced marketing team at Atlas is also on hand to guide installers through their marketing and develop a tailored programme to help them increase sales leads and sell the range of Atlas products. Atlas offers four stock lanterns in its regular range in sizes up to 2m x 4m and five stock lanterns in its contemporary range in sizes up to 1.5 x 3m. Stock lanterns are available on a five-day turnaround and come in white, grey, black, grey on white, and black on white.

The Atlas Flat Rooflight is available in three stock sizes (1 x 1m, 1 x 1.5m and 1 x 2m), and five stock





· 70mm sash and 80mm frame · Double rebated for extreme weather · Discreet external seal · Fully foiled for authenticity · Welded or mechanically jointed

A new generation of flush sash windows…

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glass technology

RapidLam Shape: More Scope To Shape The Future.

Long-lasting quality is our guarantee For almost 30 years Edgetech has provided customers throughout the world with reliable and innovative insulating glass products they can build their business on. We’re so certain our products are the best- in-class that we guarantee them, extending a Super Spacer ® unit warranty to 20 years, if service requirements are met.

Shape Cutting of Laminated Glass as a Compact Unit More possibilities to cut shapes and free forms on laminated glass. Can be integrated into an existing line, or as stand-alone machine. This compact machine uses synchronised turning cutting heads, providing precise results that match the cutting plan. • Automatic cutting of free forms in laminated glass • Can be used as part of a cutting line or as stand-alone machine • Laser foil separation can be installed at a later date

Let us show you why our customers put their trust in Edgetech.

JANUARY 2020 NFA DIGITAL 27 T: 02476 995841 E:

26 NFA DIGITAL JANUARY 2020 HEGLA Machinery (UK) Ltd. •Buckinghamshire•MK8 0AJ•E-mail:



“Our innovative use of cullet in the glass manufacturing process has always been a key differentiator for the business and this partnership takes it one step further. It demonstrates Morley Glass & Glazing’s commitment to the environment as they are incurring the additional costs of transporting post-consumer glass from sites across the UK back to their factory in Leeds and sorting and disposing of all component parts of windows and doors. Plus they are donating the proceeds to environmental charities. “Mirrored, lacquered and coated glass can all be returned and used in the manufacturing process. As cullet takes less energy to process than raw materials, this benefits both Saint-Gobain Glass and the environment.” Saint-Gobain Glass is committed to ensuring none of the cullet returned ends as landfill. Therefore, if the cullet doesn’t pass the company’s strict screening procedure, provisions are made for it to be recycled elsewhere via a third party. For more information about Morley Glass & Glazing’s glass recycling scheme visit or visit Morley Glass’s YouTube Channel to see the glass crushing machine in action.

Ian Short, managing director at Morley Glass & Glazing said: “We already send our waste glass from the factory to Saint-Gobain Glass in Eggborough to become cullet and be used in the production of new float glass. Now we are offering our customers the opportunity to return their post-consumer glass to us for recycling free of charge. The money we receive for the recycled glass will be donated to local environmental charities. “It seems such a waste for our vans to return empty after delivering our sealed units with integral blinds inside throughout the UK, so why not encourage our customers to pack them full of old windows and doors that they are replacing. This saves our customers the cost and inconvenience of disposing of them to landfill or other commercial recycling schemes that will levy a charge for the service. We will then separate the metal and frames from the glass and ensure each element is recycled and re-used as fully as possible.” Mike Butterick, Head of Marketing at Saint- Gobain Glass said: “This is a fantastic partnership that delivers a sustainable solution for the whole supply chain. Using one tonne of cullet saves 1.2 tonnes of raw material, including 850 kg of sand; reducing CO2 emissions by approximately 300 kg.

MORLEY GLASS & GLAZING AND SAINT- GOBAIN GLASS TAKE RECYCLING TO THE NEXT LEVEL I ntegral blinds manufacturer Morley Glass & Glazing is working in partnership with Saint-Gobain Glass to take recycling to the next level. material utilised to 35% rising to 41% in some cases. However, the majority of the 56,000 tonnes of waste glass returned every year comes from the manufacturing process (pre-consumed glass) rather than glass that has been utilised in end products.

The two companies are joining forces to recycle and re-use post-consumer glass; that is glass that has been taken out of old windows that have reached the end of their life. Saint-Gobain Glass already operates the UK’s largest cullet or waste glass return scheme and, since the introduction of using cullet in the manufacture of float glass, the company has been able to increase the amount of recycled

Morley Glass & Glazing has now stepped in and offered its 50,000 sq ft manufacturing space in Leeds, West Yorkshire to serve as a collection centre for post-consumer glass and has installed a glass crushing machine and employed one new member of staff to manage the scheme. See the video here of the glass crushing machine in action.





A NEW GLASS SEALING PROCESS FROM ENDURANCE A lways a company that invests in outstanding product performance, Endurance Doors have recently invested


in a new glass sealing process to their solid timber core composite doors, which has had a positive effect on helping to eliminate customer concerns over water ingress. Water ingress in composite doors has hampered the composite door sector in the past and it has been several years since Endurance incorporated a unique Moisture Barrier Systems (MBS) to the bottom of their door slabs. But the recent introduction of a new glass sealing process adds further credence to the claim that Endurance Doors have become the #KingOfComposites. The first stage in the glass sealing process involves the bonding of the two inner glazing cassettes and glass unit to the Endurance door slab, using the pre-inserted black double-sided tape. The new additional stage in this important process introduces the wet sealing of the external cassettes, with the application of a silicone bead to the inner and outer channels of the external cassette, before they are both pushed together on the slab, excess then wiped clean prior to being screwed together. This additional application of silicone has had a positive effect on the number of customer concerns. All of the operational efforts over the last 18 months in terms of adopting a quality culture and this and other new processes, have seen customer product issues nearly completely eliminated. Stephen Nadin, Managing Director of Endurance Doors commented: ‘With the recent heavy rainfall

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during the latter three months of the year, we’ve heard of a number of composite door installations that have been subject to water ingress to the foot of the door slab and also into the glazing cassettes. The results have been graphic and represent the risk of installing composite doors where manufacturers don’t take water ingress seriously.’ For further information on the Endurance Solid and Secure composite door range please visit, e-mail or call the sales office on 01652 659259. You can also add to the Twitter following @EnduranceDoors.

e: t: 01453 845717






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GQA Qualifications is the only issuer of CSCS cards for the Glass and Fenestration industries

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fenestration. It remains incredibly popular with installers across the board and many composite door manufacturers have undergone immense growth over the past ten years. Our industry would not be what it is today without the composite door. 2. LANTERN ROOF The conservatory market was in a dire state at the start of the last decade. Emerging from recession, a market that had been falling year after year since its peak in 2004. Something radical was required to help turn the ship around. Many products sprung up out of the great innovation cycle at the start of the decade, another product of which will be featured in this list. But it was lantern roof that helped change not only the conservatory market, but helped open up a brand new one to fenestration: flat roofs. Before the lantern roof had we really considered the potential in the flat roof market? Not really. Some installers dabbled in rubber and EPDM roofs, but that was still just creating a dark flat roof. Suddenly, the industry had the ability to open up millions of flat roof extensions thanks to the glass lantern roof. Lets be clear, the ability to do that had already existed. Installers have always been able to put a tiny conservatory roof into a flat roof if they wanted to. But this was different. Lantern roofs were being specifically designed to be installed easily and quickly into flat roofs. Installers had an almost readymade option at their hands now. The potential was, and is, massive. If there are three million conservatories out there which are in need of updating and renovating, I’d wager there’s at least the same, if not more, flat roof extensions out there. Many are in Kitchens and Dining rooms, all of which could benefit from more natural light. Thanks to manufacturers designing and producing modern lantern and now flat glass roofs, it has never been easier to open up a dark room.

lantern is a good product thats easy to make and simple to install. There are millions of flat roofs out there. We should be hitting the public hard with this option and talking about the benefits both with the product and cost. Could be a huge market for 2020. 3. THE SOLID ROOF Perhaps the biggest change to happen to the conservatory market was the solid roof. One of the biggest new products to come out of the great innocation age was the solid roof. Created to address the age old problems of existing conservatories being far too cold in the winter and far too hot in the summer. Suddenly there was a way for home owners to go about making their conservatories rooms they could use 12 months of the year, without having to knock it all down and build an extension. Naturally, there are varying qualities in this new marketplace. Some good, some not so good. And I still question as to whether all installers are going down the correct legal framework when carrying out these jobs. Remember, a conservatory is no longer a conservatory once a solid roof is put on it. It becomes an extension, and with it comes extra paperwork. That aside, installers very quickly got on board with the idea and in the past ten years we have seen the solid roof market grow from niche to full blown market of its own. Huge numbers of conservatories are now being upgraded with solid roofs, and many brand new structures are being built with solid roofs as standard. For many installers, it has provided much needed new revenue stream, at a time where profitability is difficult and even survival is questionable. As it is, the conservatory market isn’t really a conservatory market anymore. Its more accurate to call it the glazed extension market, and that is very much down to the growth of the solid roof.

O ur industry has gone through immense change over the past ten years. Its an industry that looks very different now than it did in 2010. We were coming out of the other side of the biggest global crash since the Great Depression. The banking system around the world nearly collapsed. Recession was deep and prolonged. It forced us as a sector to innovate and evolve to be able to keep attracting business from the general public. As we start a new decade and look forward to the new things just around the corner, I want to take a look at the 5 products that changed our industry the most over the past ten years. This is a simple 1-5 list and not a ranking. This will be a list of product only, not products from companies. These are my own thoughts and opinions, if you believe I have missed off something important please give your ideas via the comments section below. 1. COMPOSITE DOOR The composite door was not invented in the past decade, that was the decade before. But, it was in 2010’s that the composite door really

pushed through the gears in terms of growth and popularity and it changed the entrance door market for good. Home owners have tuned into the idea of doors with colour, doors with an obvious wood grain texture. Doors that are ultra-traditional and very contemporary. Doors with funky door hardware and alternative glass designs. You get all this with composite doors and home owners bought into the idea heavily in the past ten years. The product has undergone its own big changes over the past ten years. Starting its early years with a dozen or so colours with a fairly wide range of glass and hardware options, now to coming with aluminium-effect finishes, even more hardware options, some amazingly funky glass designs and smart door tech now being integrated into some options. I don’t think its too grand a statement to say it single-handedly revolutionised the entrance door market in the UK. Its not without its flaws, there have been sporadic quality problems across the sector, but that is no different to any other type of product in

I still don’t think the industry has made the most of the opportunities out there however. The





4. BI-FOLDING DOORS This one has always fascinated me. We live in a country where the weather rarely allows for us to open up one whole side of a house. A lot of our housing stock doesn’t come with a view that takes our breath away. Yet, here we are, and bi-folding doors in the last decade became one of the most popular door options on the market. The UK public however love their homes, and there is no grander way to open up a side of your home than with a bi-folding door. We do get the odd hot day, and its a great feeling to open up the doors in their natural spectacular fashion and invite the outside to meet the inside. Primarily the bi-fold is at home in the world of aluminium. I would even credit it with helping to revive the modern residential aluminium sector as a whole. There are timber and PVCu options as well. The early PVCu stuff wasn’t great, but it has got better over time, and remains the more budget friendly option. I would still pick an aluminium bi- fold over all others however given the choice. Its not just how its inspired home owners over the past ten years, but that its also shown the industry that it has to put design at the forefront of our products as much as anything else. The bi-fold door has shown us that home owners can get excited about window and door purchases. For me, the bi-fold door has been one of the products of the decade not only because of the tangible impact it has made, but the trickle-down effects of design and material it has had on other parts of our industry.

5. FLUSH WINDOWS I love this product. I genuinely do. I love to sell it and love to see them installed. We did our most in terms of flush window sales last year at our place and we turned out some stunning installations.

The PVCu window industry was crying out for a true bit of innovation and we produced the flush

window. I think there was some hesitation at first. Our industry is notoriously skeptical about new things. But Residence 9 showed the way early on and now every significant systems company has a flush window option on the market, and sales are growing across the board. PVCu has always been accused as being chunky and less than minimal. To some extent that is true,especially when you compare it to aluminium. But when the flush window hit, that argument began to ebb away. We now had a PVCu window flat on the outside, with either normal PVCu welds or timber look joints to go one step further in recreating a timber aesthetic. Throw in an array of sexy colours and hardware, and you had a window which home owners would genuinely take a step back from and admire. Flush windows took root in our industry in the past decade, and sales of the stuff rose throughout. But I think the 20’s is where we’ll see sales really take a step up. Home owners and installers love it, and as more pictures of finished installations make their way through social media and into brochures, expect to see it explode in the next decade.

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A s you may now have read, the organisers of the FIT Show have taken the difficult decision to move the 2020 show to 2021. In their statement to the press they said:

THE SILVER LINING I have been assured that the FIT Show are going to remain active throughout this year, which I think is very much a good thing. The positive to take from this is that the organisers now have 16 months in which to build a fantastic showcase of UK fenestration in May 2021. There is much more time now in which to do so. Time to sit down with the major companies of the sector and bring them on board for the 2021 show. Time to listen to exhibitors and visitors to put together a show everyone will want to be part of and visit. There is a chance to build what could be the very best show yet. So whilst the decision to move to 2021 will not have been easy in many respects, the way to look at this is as an opportunity to put together a show worthy of an industry thats worth nearly as much as the UK music industry.

Theresa May resigned as PM, Boris Johnson took over and was unable to take the UK out of the EU by the end of October. We’ll probably never see a year like it for a very long time. Unfortunately, it was also the recipe for stifling business activity. It was obvious companies were holding on to their money and putting off spending decisions, such as exhibitions. Business hates nothing more than uncertainty. So even though the 2019 election results were very clear, there has been a major hangover from what was a dank year last year. We have seen that just by the sheer number of companies who have gone into liquidation or administration. But here’s another angle and one thats only become apparent in the last few days. There were quite a number of Chinese companies due to exhibit this year. As you may have seen in the news there is a deadly new coronavirus that emerged in China and is beginning to spread around the world. The last time that happened was SARS and MERS, and in those instances travel restrictions were placed upon people and companies from China to try limit the spread. Its highly likely the same would happen again, so there would have been a chance those Chinese companies due to exhibit would have had to cancel.

You can assume then that there would have been a number of companies who chose to exhibit at the 2019 show that did so because they thought there would be no 2020 show. If you read the press release from the FIT Show you can tell that this has hit home: “We have listened to the many active voices in the FIT Show community and will return the event to its most popular frequency, and everything that has made it a success. It is with huge disappointment, and with a genuine desire to preserve the long-term success of FIT Show for the entire industry, that we have made this decision.” Obviously external circumstances played a major role in this decision, but the industry and its voice did too. At the end of the day, this is the most important voice. EXTERNAL CONDITIONS beyond control You cannot really say 2019 was a stable year. The first phase of Brexit was supposed to have been concluded by the end of March. It was hoped that we wouldn’t have been talking about that come the 2019 show. As it was, it was delayed to June, then October. Then we had a General Election at the end of the year.

The announcement follows continuing unprecedented political and economic

uncertainty, which, whilst recently becoming more positive, has driven the decision to take FIT Show back to its most successful format. There is no doubting that numerous headwinds were making things difficult to deliver a successful 2020 show. Domestic politics being one of them. But there were other factors at play too. The decision to move to 2021 won’t have been easy to make, but was the correct one at the right time. ONCE EVERY TWO YEARS Announced just before the 2019 show that the exhibition would become an annual event, you could sense that the industry was thrown a curve ball. The assumption was it would be every two years, and would avoid Fensterbau and other international events that weren’t held on odd- numbered years. The planned show in 2020 would have coincided with Fensterbau in February and Glasstec in October.



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