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When Collaboration Is Key

Collaboration is a big deal in the legal world. As I’ve mentioned in the past, I collaborate with many other professionals and have great working relationships with a number of judges and medical professionals. When it comes to medical professionals, in particular, I often refer my own clients to those who I know will do a good job helping them. These collaborative types of relationships extend to other attorneys in South Florida as well. I’m not the best go-to attorney for everything. I have my areas of expertise — DUI, personal injury, and criminal defense. That said, I tell people that if they have a legal question or there is something they aren’t sure about, they should give me a call anyway. If I know I can’t adequately answer it or I feel I am not the right attorney for the job, I can put you in touch with someone who can help. I actually keep a book of contacts of people I trust should one of my own clients need a little extra help. A great example of my collaboration is with workers compensation. I’ve worked with people who got into an auto accident while at work or on a job site. I handle the personal injury side of things, but I’ll call up the workers compensation attorney I’ve worked with in the past and put them in touch with my client. The workers compensation case would be a separate case from the personal injury case. It’s important all bases are covered to ensure my client gets the result they deserve. And speaking of results, when I make a referral, I do it with confidence that my clients will get the help and results they need through said referral. I never want to steer my clients in the wrong direction. With over 16 years of law practice under

my belt, I’ve made a lot of exceptional connections, and I’m making new connections all the time. The more connections (and resources), the better! One attorney, Jeff Adelman, a dear friend and colleague of mine down in Coral Springs, is someone I trust immensely. We’ve been friends since law school. When I was on my honeymoon, he took on new cases for me. We do share some practice areas, but we also refer clients to one another if we feel one of us is better suited for the case. Again, it all comes down to getting the best results. In some instances, Jeff and I have worked on cases together! (As an aside, I appeared on Jeff’s podcast a few months ago and you can listen here: adelmanlawyers/jeff-interviews-matthew-konecky-criminal. ) Many might find it surprising that, on occasion, I will refer people to opposing counsel. If I do, it’s because I know that attorney makes the most sense for the person seeking counsel. I refer to attorneys on the “other side” because I know they are fair and honest. When I see someone — even if they are the opposing counsel — do their job exceptionally well, that’s something I keep in mind. I’ve even been offered referrals by the opposing counsel for the very same reason. When it comes down to it, collaboration is key. While I can’t do it all, with the connections I’ve made, I can make sure that anyone who calls our office looking for help will get the connection they need.


–Matthew Konecky


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