Big English 2 Level 6 Unit 5 Assessment Pack

Practice Test Unit 5


1 6 Listen. Write the correct super power from the box. There are more choices than you need.

run at lightning speed fly read people’s minds have superhuman strength be invisible travel through time





2 Complete the sentences. Circle the correct verbs. 1 If I were / am you, I would / will tell the teacher what happened. 2 If we could / can fly, we could / can go to a different city every day! 3 If you could be having / could have any super power in the world, which one will / would you choose? 4 If I didn’t have to study / will not have to study this weekend, we will go / could go with Uncle Joe. 3 Complete the sentences. Use the correct form of the verb in parentheses. 1 If I (can have) one super power, I’d be invisible. 2 If you (be) the principal of your school, what’s the first thing you

would do?

3 If I

(have) super powers, I would probably feel lonely. (travel) back to the past, what year would you visit? (have, not) to go to school tomorrow, I would stay up all night.

4 If you

5 If I

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