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have something that can be beneficial to each other. When the two industry lead- ers kept running into each other at different transactions, Sab- losky decided an alliance would be fortuitous for each of their companies and made a proposal that Hillelson accepted. “Sherman is very different than most of our people, who are used to bricks and mortar,” said Brooke Henningsen , the co-founding partner with Sab- losky since Arrow’s inception in February, 2012. “Businesses are things most commercial real estate firms are not fully equipped to deal with as part of the transaction. With Sherman, we’ll now have an additional resource for our clients.” Bob Winitsky , a partner with Arrow, said, “When you bring in the right strategic partner, there’s value in what you can offer the client.” Winitsky has worked with Hillelson on several projects. Whenever he mentions the Hillelson name to a client, the feedback is fairly standard. “They either know him or have heard of him,” he said. Hillelson’s reputation sets him apart from other business brokers. “There’s a trust,” Win- itsky said of the brand Hillelson has established. “You can work with Sherman because you can trust him. He serves the client. He’s not self-serving.” Arrow has been growing like wildfire since Sablosky and Henningsen established the unique company 3 years ago. The success comes as no surprise. The two co-founding partners chose to invest in its people. By taking advantage of cutting-edge technology, it al- lows them to pay commissions to their associates significantly higher than most brokerage

houses. In addition, Arrow supplies state-of-the-art mar- keting, branding and all the ac- couterments its agents need to succeed. The agents can make more money with fewer clients, allowing for greater customer service. Winitsky, who’s been in the business since 1969, contends there’s another key reason Ar- row has quickly hit its target. “Ninety-nine percent of bro- kerage houses believe every- thing belongs to them,”Winitsky said. “They require you to sign contracts saying as much. At Arrow, we don’t believe we own the agent’s contacts or deals. We are a cohesive group of people sharing information, knowing that it’s not proprietary. It’s truly a different culture.” Sablosky, with 30 years in the shopping center and commercial real estate industry, feels that Arrow’s success is special, as he’s watched others embrace the model and succeed. “I’m like a proud parent here,” he said, focusing on the high level of support through marketing and branding his agents have received. He consistently lav- ishes praise on them for their “productivity and results.” The symmetry is evident in the numbers. “In just 3 years over 30 professionals have signed on and are working in nine states,” he said. “It’s a great validation of our concept.” Hillelson said he had “a good feeling” meeting and talking to Sean. His wealth of experience has taught him “when you put the right two people together, one and one equals three. When you put two heads together, it’s almost like putting three heads together. Sometimes things come out that wouldn’t have if you didn’t have that relation- ship.” n

usiness brokerage sales were up 56% in 2013 vs. 2012. The oldest of


the baby boomers are now 68, the youngest will turn 50 this year. Evidentially we are a very entrepreneurial group because business sales driven by retire- ment are one of the fastest grow- ing segments of this thriving industry. More often than not the business sale involves real estate sales or long-term leases from the seller to the purchaser. In todays competitive market- place a real estate brokerage and consulting company has to take this into account and of- fer expertise in this area to its clients. To that end Arrow Real Estate Ser- vices has formed an alliance with Sherman Hillelson , a well-respected business broker in the Philadelphia area. Sean Sablosky , Arrow’s chief executive officer, said the agreement will allow clients of Arrow and Hillelson Business Services to benefit from a wider array of services while the two companies increase their client base. “It’s a way of taking our com- pany to the next level by assist- ing our clients with that portion of the transaction as well,” Sablosky said of real estate and business sales. “It’s a very symbiotic relationship.” “We are very honored and humbled that an icon of this industry has agreed to become a very welcome addition to our company, and I know that Ar- row will be a complimentary addition for Hillelson. He’s a tremendous elder statesman in this business.” For more than 25 years, Hil- lelson has helped small business owners buy and sell hundreds of businesses in a variety of indus- tries. He said both companies

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