In producing this issue, I found myself to be really present pre and during Hellobali’s Art and Culture 2019 issue, where I oversaw our cover story with the impeccable Balinese and Bali based public figures (page 37). After we finished finalising the cover story, as I drove back home from the office and the sight of Bali’s chaotic yet alluring streets caught my eye, I couldn’t help but overcome with emotion when I realised Balinese culture is a wonderful heritage worth preserving and thankfully, there are those amazing men and women in Indonesia who uses their influence and talent for this noble purposes. I was sure to truly appreciate the gift of this job and travel. It allows me to meet all the remarkable local influential public figure, taking in every precious moment, and I encourage you to do the same. For this issue, Hellobali talks about Art & Culture from four different perspective, industry, and profession (page 37). Upon further reflection, this cover story is now my favorite we’ve ever done so far (and yes, I do say that every issue!). This Issue, Hellobali had the privilege to talk with the most notable compassionate artist, entrepreneur & actress in-and-out, Happy Salma, the prominent Indonesian actor Oka Antara, Bali’s extraordinaire sculptor Nyoman Nuarta, the environmental stalwart musician I Gede Robi Supriyanto (Navicula), the influential Ida Bagus Rai Budiarsa owner of Bali’s finest wines - Hatten Wines and the inspiring talented architect with penchant for preserving Balinese contemporary art, Koman Wahyu Suteja founder of Komaneka Resorts. We hope this article helps to inspire you as it certainly did for us. In this issue, contributing avid photographer traveller Tatiana Kotova pursue of passion brings her across the continent. Only for this issue under our elsewhere section, Kotova walk us through interesting aspects of her life and career; including her moment with FNPF Foundation in Bali, Indonesia (page 76). Furthermore, if you’re looking for inspiration this month, look no further than the inspiring one of Indonesia’s eminent actor, Raymond Tungka. Exclusively for Hellobali, Tungka shares the beauty of his travels and journey in conserving the forest throughout this interview (page 70). Next year, we’ll be looking at ways to enhance your reading experience with a complete website overhaul. But I’d really love to know what you’d like to see more or less of so that we can ensure we meet your needs. We care about what you think. As always, I hope you enjoy the issue and please do feel free to get in touch with me personally at publisher@hellobali.id. Thank you!

Photography : Yan Aluwi @yan_aluwi Location : Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta @fsjakarta MUA : Marcella Widita @marcellawiditamua Styled by : Deviana Maria @devianamaria

H ellobali Magazine is currently in its 5th Bi- monthly issue and as a bi-monthly digital and print publication, it’s only natural that a change in season is considered when I sit down to write this publisher’s letter every two months. In the past one month, my team has never worked so hard and on so many exceptional projects. It was one of the biggest highlights of September month, without a doubt meeting new faces – our beloved readers & communities. After months of planning, we hosted the event for Bali’s first and biggest beauty destination, Estee Lauder Company Indonesia launched its first multi-brand store in Bali. Up next, we hosted for Bonheur Bali under Masari Group ‘Beauty O’Clock’ ; an intimate gathering for guests to discover new and existing beauty and fashion brands available at Bonheur Bali store. Last but not least, we hosted the phenomenal grand launching Conrad’s new wedding preparation suites Infinitales event featuring the talented humbling Indonesia’s fashion designer Hian Tjen. With the much-valued support of all our event sponsor & partners we were able to make every event exceeds our expectation– whilst sipping on Bali’s very own finest Hatten Wine, of course.

publisher@hellobali.id @saznathan

the culture issue


September & october 2019

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