Elsewhere, p. 76 ....... Tatiana Kotova

Neighborhood, p. 68 ....... Ramon Y Tungka

Hailing from Russia, Tatiana Kotova discover her muse in photography and later decided to establish her career in Hongkong. In her exclusive interview of this edition, Tiana speaks about her genuine passion in environmental awareness, as well as conveying her sincere message for everyone.

After going through career changes from TV Host to being an Actor and now he is an environmental activist. What exactly is inside of Ramon Y Tungka’s mind that drives him to do what he does today. His love of travels and his love for Indonesia. Learning about different cultures and creating the life he loves.

oka antara Cover Story, p. 40 .......

Beauty, p. 54 ....... Shanty Paredes

Juggling between two worlds for Oka Antara is a blessing. Being an actor is a passion he found after trying out music in the early days of his career. Being a father, on the other hand, is something he cherished and made him a better man.

A former dancer turned prominent national singer, Shanty Paredes is a lass with many talents. Lately she has expanded her career into the world of social media; inspiring others to live healthy through several fitness, diet and beauty vlogs. Read her passionate insight in this edition’s exclusive interview.

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September & october 2019

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