Do you think it is important to bring Balinese culture more into movies? Absolutely. How else are we going to introduce Balinese culture to millennials? Movie is a fun way to introduce things - in this case, culture - to the younger generation. How do you want people to think, feel and experience Balinese culture? That it’s peaceful, people of Bali are very forgiving and easily forgets the bad that had happened and chose to carry on. Bali bombing for example. I don’t think Bali millenials are aware of such tragic event ever happened. Not that they dont care but what had happen happened. No one is trying to instill fear or hatred toward others. Do you teach your kids about their Balinese heritage? Not yet. They’re still too young to care. But all in due time. Sometimes people feel like they’re stuck or bored doing what they’ve been doing for so long. Did this ever happen to you? How did you overcome that? Happens to me all the time. I always take a break every time it happens. Try to reconnect to other aspects in life which has nothing to do with the industry such as spending time with my family, hobbies and God. How do you maintain a good reputation and image in the entertainment industry? To be honest I don’t know haha. I just focus on performing, behaving professionally, respecting other co workers. I believe if you laser focus on one thing and one thing only, you will never go astray. And that itself already built a good reputation for you. Do you still have dreams that you want to make come true? I want to give back to the community more. It will be great to give back so other people can also feel joy. What keeps you busy lately? Any series, new series or upcoming movies? I’m doing a drama movie based on a novel to be shot in early September, and a crime thriller series in November to December. It’s called Brata, the first season is already available through an application online. Many people admire and look up to you, what’s your number 1 life hacks that you can share to the readers? Everybody can be successful. But make sure to distinguish yourself by being successful yet a positive influence for the younger generations.

the culture issue


September & october 2019

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