Children are the future of Indonesia. Educate them and let them know how beautiful this nation is.

How do you think we as Indonesian should learn how to love our own culture and tradition? If you want to love something, you have to get to know it first. This is what I do when I travel. I always wake up at 5 am, and I go to the local market. When I got there, I’ll go to the local coffee hut and hang out with the local guys there. Talk to them. Learn about their lives, their days, what they do. You want to know what a culture in an unfamiliar place, learn from the locals. You’ll see genuine interactions between them, listen to them, and get a better understanding of their culture. Do what the locals do. Do you think holding on to our tradition is a good thing? Of course. We don’t need to lose ourselves just because we are facing other (foreign) tradition among us. If it wasn’t us, then who will? Modern world doesn’t keep mother nature and culture from extinction, but we can.

the culture issue


September & october 2019

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