THE DETAILS How to get to Arborek: Flight to Sorong

“If you want to love something, you have to get to know it first.

Once you arrived in Sorong, go to Sorong Port in Waisai to catch a boat (fast boat /fisherman boat) rate between IDR 100K to 150K to Arborek Island. Homestays are available in the island with rates around IDR 350K/night

How do you overcome hardships in your life and stay on top of the game? By not thinking about what people think about me. Focusing on doing the things that I love doing because it makes me happy. Being grateful every day, and set intentions that better days and better things are coming my way. That way, I don’t stress about things that are not working but flowing and surrendering to all the better things that are ready for me. After successfully being an actor and TV host, what’s next on your life chapter? I am now working on conservation. I work more into the reducing plastic and waste, also Sekolah Alam (Green School) that is located in the middle of palm oil plantation in Langkat, North Sumatra. I am going to keep on doing that, and maybe I want to have a family again. Ramon closes the interview with laughter and inspiration that mother nature needs us for it to survive. We support and love what he does, and we are surely going to be hearing a lot from him in the future.




Above: The beauty of Arborek through the lense. Bottom: Local boys in a boat on Arborek island, West Papua

the culture issue


September & october 2019

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