Tiana’s introduction to the world of photography started early; as her parents make their living on the respective field and her husband fully support her to make it into a living career. “Both of my parents studied journalism, my father loves film and my mom had her photo exhibitions as well, I guess my love for photography is genetic” Tiana gleefully said. “I always liked it but I never really believed in myself enough, I suppose. My husband encouraged me since I liked it so much he suggested I should try to make it my full-time job. He is always very supportive, I am very grateful for that” In-between her career as commercial photographer, Tiana always strives to find a way of helping others through her profession. “I try to combine photography with charity work. The latest highlight would be I guess my private exhibition in Hong Kong where we were able to raise money for a charity organization located in South Africa” she remarks.

From left to right page : meeting with FPNF at their National park

the culture issue


September & october 2019

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