Describing herself as ‘dreamer, stubborn and observational’, Tiana’s journey of capturing moments into wonderful vivid pictures eventually brought her to the island of Bali. What started as a vacation trip turns into genuine fondness and her encounter with FNPF (Friends of the National Parks Foundation) fueled her burning passion in environmental awareness even more. “Bali is a magical place. I love Balinese people, temples, nature. Unfortunately, increased numbers of tourists don’t help the ecological situation to get better” Tiana expressed her genuine concern. “There are more and more buildings, roads, cars, on the island. Ocean fish, as well as wild animals, suffer from human waste and rubbish”

“For me visiting FNPF was more interesting than going to some tourists-filled Instagram-hot-spots” she said. “FNPF is a non-profit organization working to protect wildlife, restore habitat, and improve the wellbeing of local communities. I enjoyed my time with them, we have seen the people and the farm, and it brings you closer to the real culture. They are doing a great thing for the nature of Bali that’s why I was happy to support them with my photography and I hope more people will choose ‘meaningful tourism’”

the culture issue


September & october 2019

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