UVJF 2019: Two Days of Sophisticated Music Celebration

After a successful event last year, the annual Ubud Jazz Village Festival brings back yet another round of classy musical celebration from top- grade performers; local and international alike. Held at Arma Museum & Resort, the three stages of UVJF’s 7th edition; Giri, Padi and Subak become a center point for talented musicians to showcase their fantastic talents. There are a total of eleven international performers on the first day; including the Russian-natives pianist Aram Rustamyants with his amazing “New Centropezn Quartet” who performed at Giri Stage, Ilugdin Trio who brings out their signature modern-jazz tune, and Indonesia’s Sri Hanuraga Trio featuring Dira Sugandi. The first day of UVJF gather around 2000 pairs of enthusiast eyes, passionately witnessing all the musical performances with the same level of attention and focus as those reading books at the library. On the second day, UVJF didn’t cease to amaze its visitors with twelve lineups performing on simultaneously on three stages starting from 15.30 pm. Audience who gathered in front of Subak Stage are in for a treat as young Indonesian pianist, Jacob Jayasena (14), performed along with his trio, featuring Nadine Adriana (15). On the main Giri Stage, French unit Voyager 4 enhance the ambience with their original take of

modern jazz, then followed by some local jazz heroes such as Otti Jamalus Trio feat. Yance Manusama and Hajar Bleh Big Band, before the main performer Aaron Goldberg Trio appeared on stage and performed their best musical numbers. The audience’s cheers grew particularly louder during the New York native performance, and standing applause naturally ensued after Aaron and his wonderful group hit their last note. During the event, UVJF also paid homage to one of Indonesia’s Jazz Maestro, Yance Manusama, by giving the Bandung-born bassist a Lifetime Achievement award for his contribution to the nation’s music scene. “Speechless. I am so proud of this appreciation. Ubud Village Jazz Festival will always be a special event, the best ever in Indonesia” Yance remarks on his speech. We couldn’t agree more…Congratulations Ubud Village Jazz Festival! See you again next year!

Text: Billianto Bagus Photos courtesy of: Freandy David, Wit Dharma, Phalayasa

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September & october 2019

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