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Parallel Lives of the Old and New Testaments

Some Living Issues

By Robert E. Speer “ An epoch-making book, as refreshing as a cool breeze on a sultry day. “ Deals with doctrines essential to the Chris­ tian faith in a masterly way— an immense asset to Evangelical Christianity. “ Should be in the hands of all theological stu­ dents, and in libraries of ministers, students and laymen everywhere.“ — Dr. David G. Wylie. Cloth, $2.50

By Clarence E. Macartney Each chapter of Dr. Macartney’s new volume — there are nine such— consists of two bright, concise sketches of two familiar Biblical charac­ ters, one from the Old Testament, one from the New. Some of the chapters are: David and Peter; Moses and Paul; Ezekiel and John (the Beloved); Pharaoh and Herod; Balaam and Judas; Elijah and John (the Baptist); Samuel and Barnabas; Abel and Stephen, etc., etc. $1.75

The Lord’s Prayer in Practice By An Unknown Christian The latest devotional and meditative study, from the pen of the English writer who devotes himself to an examination of the Model Prayer, probing the secret of its devotional content and bringing forth from his treasure-house things both new and old. Cloth, $1.25; Paper, 80c Texts That Have Touched Me By W. S. Bruce, D.D. Short, pithy addresses, suggested by the various texts, simple, practical, and aimed to quicken in the reader an enhanced desire to know more of Christ as a Power, at the center of man’s moral and spiritual being. $1.25

The Keystone of Christianity and Other Addresses By Gerald B. Winrod A clear, clarion-voiced defence of the cardinal truths of the Christian faith, to­ gether with an incisive declaration concern­ ing the character and content of these truths, and of the great fact of Christ around which they are builded. $1.25

Woman By Commander Evangeline Booth A notable survey, by one of the foremost women of her genera­ tion, of woman’s new and widely- enlarged area of usefulness in this present-day world, by Commander Booth of the Salvation Army. (Comrade Series) 60c Fellowship With God By Henry W. Fancher An able study and discussion of one of the great inspirations of spiritual experience. An illum­ inating book, which shows the need of this relation and examines its various aspects and implica­ tions. $1.25 The Directed Survey and Visitation Evangelism By A. Earl Kemahan, D.D. The competent director of Visi­ tation evangelistic campaigns, here adds a valuable and impor­ tant item, to the literature which he has already prepared dealing with the methods employed and the success achieved in this area of Christian activity. $1.50

Secret of the Life Sublime

By A. Z. Conrad, Ph.D., D.D. Pastor, Park Street Congregational Church, Boston

All who are familiar with Dr. Conrad’s stalwart evangelicalism and presentation of divine truth, will be prepared for the clarity and felicity of expression which character­ ize his latest book. $1.50 Adventurous Youth By Charles W. Brewbaker, Ph.D. A book written out of a desire to aid youth in seeing and understanding themselves more fully, and to assist them to a higher and richer estimate of their personal worth and potentialities. $1.25

A History of Some Scientific Blunders

By George McCready Price A deeply interesting and vastly entertain­ ing volume. In it Prof. Price introduces his readers to a study and a survey of some of the scientific blunders which continue to pass for proved science. $1.25


Quiet Talks on The Bible Story

Eyes in the Dark

By S. D. Gordon

By Zenobia Bird

With this new volume, Mr. Gordon makes a long-awaited and eagerly anticipated addition to his “ Quiet Talks.” It exhibits throughout those fine qualities of clarity and valuable suggestion which have characterized his previous .work and endeared him to millions of readers throughout

Not only will young folks be thrilled by this new story from the gifted author of “ Under Whose Wings,“ but we can hardly imagine anyone, old or young, who gets fairly under its spell, who will give it up before its close.

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