This locally inspired treatment begins with a soothing coconut milk foot soak, followed by a gentle scrub using coconut and tropical hibiscus, a nourishing mococoa chocolate and coconut body wrap, then a warm bath of lavender oil or tropical oils and local honey. The journey ends with a massage and brief facial. Ultimate Maldivian Hafla

Ayurvedic Punarnava

A perfect example of Ayurvedic principles in practice, comprising an Abhyanga massage, carried out by two therapists using warm oil and a herbal bundle, followed by the shirodhara, which involves pouring a flow of warm oil onto the “third eye” in the center of the forehead, sending the recipient into a blissful, trance-like state.

An Ancient System with Modern Results

The Iridium Spa’s in-house Ayurvedic doctor provides guests with in-depth consultations, asking them about their lifestyle, diet and exercise habits and determining their body type, or “dosha” as it is known in Ayurveda, before prescribing a bespoke health plan that will deliver benefits for years to come.

Ayurvedic Ginger Tea

This spicy ginger tea combats insomnia, helps rid the body of toxins and is incredibly soothing for those suffering from a cold. INGREDIENTS A large thumb of ginger, peeled and sliced Lemongrass, 2 leaves Juice of half a lemon Honey or brown sugar Water, 1 liter METHOD Boil the ginger slices in the water for 20 minutes. Strain into a teapot and mix with either honey or brown sugar to taste. Add in the lemon juice and serve.



the st. regis maldives vommuli resort

the st. regis maldives vommuli resort

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