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The Benefits of Adult Sports Teams

When hitting the gym or sweating through another exercise class loses its appeal, you might feel like there’s nothing left to do. You want to stay fit, but you don’t have the enthusiasm you once had, and the thought of dragging yourself to the gym is no longer motivating. Don’t throw in the towel yet, though. It might be time to try something different. Why not join an adult sports team? There are some surprising benefits to adult sports teams. Of course, sports will keep you physically healthy, but they can also keep you fit mentally. Unlike rote exercise, sports keep your mind active as you think through strategies before and during the game. Doesn’t that sound more stimulating than grinding out another mile on the treadmill or another set of reps on the bench? Sports leagues are also a great way to meet people. Creating a social circle is immensely beneficial to your mental and emotional health. You’ll have a new group of friends, and the team aspect of the sport creates long-lasting connections. Being part of a team also holds you accountable. You can’t miss the big game when the team is counting on you. On top of revamping your social life, team sports can add some much-needed variety to your daily or weekly routine. Competing against and working with other adults with whom you share at least one interest will make you forget you’re even working out in the first place. The prospect of actually looking for a local team to participate in can be daunting. Don’t worry, though — the process is actually pretty simple. Start by talking to your co-workers. Learn about any sports they’re involved in, either through sponsorship or as part of a team, and ask for more info on any leagues that sound promising. Another method is to do a quick internet search of teams in your area. You’ll be shocked by how many options there are.

Don’t let inexperience scare you off. Many adult sports teams encourage people of all skill sets to join, and most offer a variety of experience levels to meet the needs of newbies and veterans alike. If your main goal is a fun workout, there’s a casual league out there for you. If you’re seeking the thrill of competition, opt for something a little more serious. As you participate in the sport of your choice, you’ll have opportunities to advance to the higher levels so you can stay in shape and continue to challenge yourself.

If you’re stuck wondering which sport you’ll enjoy most, here are a few popular choices to consider.

Soccer is one of the most popular adult sports. Soccer does require a lot of physical activity — games are usually 90 minutes long, during which you will have to run up and down a large field. But you won’t need to buy a ton of equipment. Basketball is another perennial favorite for adults. It can be played casually at a park with a group of friends or competitively in a league. Both can get pretty intense when the game heats up! Kickball is a sport that requires less physical involvement than soccer or basketball, but it’s definitely fun. If you think an adult kickball league will be hard to find in your area, think again. They’re growing in popularity every year.

When the gym seems like a bore, a sports team can be just what you need to pick your motivation back up. Get out there and enjoy the thrill of playing on a team!

- Dr. Taylor

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