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A Letter from Monster Galaxy

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A Letter from Monster Galaxy

Looking back, this past year was a legendary one for Monster Galaxy, and that's in large part thanks to you, Tamers! Your participation in the testing phases was essential and your feedback invaluable. And the official Open Beta launch could never have been as successful as it was without your constant and unshakable support. Time and time again, we saw you all come together to keep the MOGA spirit alive, spread the word, and inspire new Tamers to join in the journey!

As we turn the page on 2022, we wanted to take some time to showcase the seemingly boundless creativity of the MOGA community. So, in this retrospective, you'll find a compilation of your inspiring contributions, as well as memories of the greatest moments and achievements of our collective adventure. Here's to even more MOGA magnificence in 2023!

Cheers to you, Tamers!

moga adventurers

Tamers joined in our journey!


moga creators

Created by @RRichiekawa


Created by @HinzuoFrey

moga tamers

@TrialByFire 915

Moga are a Tamer's best friend!




moga cosplay


Our Tamers dressed to impress!



Special thanks to our ambassadors, whose passion and dedication helped strengthen the MOGA Community!

I still cannot believe that MOGA came back (and as a P2E)! Honestly, coming back was enough for me, and probably for everyone else because we really missed it so much! It has been a wonderful childhood with MOGA and to be part of the team has been an honor and pleasure. My wish for Monster Galaxy P2E is to be the successful project it was back then or even go beyond that success in the future as it integrates the blockchain technology. I believe in my heart that the kid in everyone who’s following our progress will long for that experience once again and their adult self will feel the comfort and excitement as we venture again together.


Hopefully all of us will be able to enjoy a successful year full of enjoyable content.

Live long and prosper Monster Galaxy.



moga ambassadors

In the game, I hope to see manual battling, to have a chance to capture full moga with starseeds (maybe in a 1 vs 1 style).

My message to the community is to remain patient and everything will be okay.


Hello there 😄 I wish there's a project that we can meet the Monster Galaxy Team Personally.



moga reflections

When we decided to develop Monster Galaxy P2E with crypto and NFT, it was a huge commitment to the brand, the team, and the tamers. I'm super glad how far we traveled. We successfully launched closed beta and open beta in 2022, and are planning to have the official launch soon. We have been collecting users feedback, fixing bugs, and adding new features like crazy. We are also learning and analyzing how MOGA can benefit the fans from both gameplay and tokenomics. In 2023, we will continue working hard to deliver our promise. Our goal is to build Monster Galaxy IP together with the tamers. The team is committed. Be ready, tamers.” James, Founder and CEO It's been a long and fulfilling journey. Working remotely with teammates, attending online discussions, listening to voices from the community, participating in activities with Moga, and growing with tamers shaped part of my daily life. As the world is undergoing great changes, it turns out there are more chances for us to experience something together than ever before. That is to say, we feel and resonate with people all around more strongly. It is a great chance to create something together, isn't it? In 2022, the best gift to me was that I got to meet great people from all over the world with whom I continue to grow and get amazed by. Gloria, Marketing Director

I’m one of the original artists for the first Monster Galaxy games we all grew up on, and getting to be a part of the new game has been a real honor. The players have always impressed me with their creativity, curiosity and enthusiasm for the Monster Galaxy world. Josh, Creative Director


The development team's 2022 is a new beginning and a new turning point. Since the first Closed Beta, we have been constantly adjusting the gameplay and fixing bugs in order to offer players a better gaming experience. We continue to improve blockchain-related capabilities in bug fixes, and at the same time cooperate with the operations team to launch new events to make the game even more exciting. In 2023, we are planning to make more adjustments to Monster Galaxy P2E. As for the related content, the new changes will come soon. Our goal in 2023: Monster Galaxy P2E will gradually add more casual gameplay to expand the playability, and have more social interaction functions. Peter, Development Director

I started out doing Customer Support for Monster Galaxy and was excited about the project from the first time I saw it. I didn’t just do support, but I also have been a player just like all of you! The storyline, the art, the fun gameplay, Monster Galaxy had everything I needed to be a big fan. I am glad to be a part of Monster Galaxy P2E and am still playing just as hard as before! Jak, Customer and Community Support Manager

I started with Monster Galaxy in November of 2021 and it’s been one heck of a ride so far. I get to work alongside people from all over the world and from all walks of life. What I most enjoy about my job here is the interaction I get with the users and the fact that I’m meeting people from all across the globe! In today’s world, it’s nice to be able to come together, enjoy and support a common interest and passion. I’m excited to see what the future holds and I look forward to sharing that experience with all of you! Cody, Customer Support

Being part of the Monster Galaxy team has been a really unique experience for me! I’ve learned a lot about myself and I’ve had a chance to be creative on a

wide variety of projects. Stephanie, Copywriter


I have been with Monster Galaxy P2E since the start of the project and 2022 was extra special as we released the new chapter and it was really amazing to share this with the team (we have an amazing team!) and the community!” Anya, Project Manager & Marketing Coordinator

After becoming obsessed with Monster Galaxy through gameplay, it has been an immense pleasure and exciting time to join the team! I love not only how the game has grown, but more importantly, how our community continues to blossom everyday. It’s incredible to work with so many passionate people from all over the globe, and I cannot wait to see what 2023 will bring! Jessocher, Customer Support

I’ve joined the team since November 2022. It is a completely new and different career for me. My role allows me to actively communicate and cooperate with each team member which helps me learn fast. I feel I’m learning and growing every day, together with our game. A lot of changes and events have happened in the past two months, exciting and fresh experiences! Looking forward to our new versions in 2023! Fang, Marketing Consultant



2022 in numbers

4,825 quests completed

44,500 twitter followers

13,700 discord members

447 questions answered


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