Welcome to Turnstile Talk. Turnstile talk is a group of fans that have got together to create a platform to represent your views and communicate them to our club. We are a voluntary Group of FFC die-hards that are committed to get answers for you, whether that is about our positive new Owners, FFC future, the food on match-day or tackling tough decisions like; ’Should we lobby for safe standing?’. As a Group we regularly collate your views and opinions and discuss appropriate answers with the Fulham management. We work closely with Sarah Brookes and the Club, but we remain committed to be ‘your voice’ for what is being discussed at the Turnstiles.

We are fiercely independent but sensitive and supportive to the Club’s brand guidelines. We want to know what you think, please take a moment at Half Time or when you get home from our latest victory to answer these 5 simple questions:

1. What matters to you at FFC? 2. What you would change at FFC? 3. What we do well at FFC? 4. What we can improve at the club? 5. What do you dislike or would like to remove?

What ideas do you have to improve our great club? We want to hear from all FFC fans, from the Hammy End to the Johnny Haines, from the Old & Young to the dedicated International followers. How can we improve Fulham for our Female followers, Family audience and Disabled followers? Turnstile Talk strongly believes that Tony Khan, Mr Khan, Slavisa and Co will take care of matters on the pitch, so we want to concentrate on what would make the fans happier off the pitch!

Please gives us your thoughts and tell us what is being said at the Turnstiles! Please send your responses to myview@turnstiletalk.com

Please follow us at today; Turnstile talk on Facebook | @turnstile_talk on Twitter

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