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Fall 2018

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Team Players Meet the Burley Branch

and makes people feel comfortable. On top of that, he’s a team player.” While Ty may be modest about his livestock knowledge, he has a wealth of experience for someone his age. He comes from a long line of horse breeders and raises sheep that have gone on to compete in national competitions and fairs. “Those animals are a 24-hour job,” Ty explains, adding with a chuckle, “All any of us on this team know how to do is work!” Monique provides the spark of inspiration. She was out of the office the day we sat down to speak with the Burley team, but that didn’t stop her two coworkers from heaping praise upon her. “Monique brings a lot of ideas to the table,” Linda says. “She finds new ways to move feed and grab people’s attention.” Ty agrees, adding, “She’s almost like our marketing person. She’s got a lot of valuable experience in retail that lets us set up the store so customers can find what they’re looking for.” The Simplot Western Stockmen’s team in Burley embodies what this company is all about: knowledgeable people with industry experience putting their talents and passions to use to deliver meaningful service to pet owners and farmers alike. Whether it’s recommending the best feed for Aberdeen cattle or figuring out the dietary constraints of the local bobcat, Linda, Ty, and Monique are up to the challenge.

a variety of backgrounds, they share a love of customer service and animal care. Between horse and cattle ranching, award-winning sheep breeding, and rodeo appearances, each member of the Burley team works with livestock on and off the clock. Together, they form a tight-knit team. “We’re more family than people who work together,” says Linda. As the most senior member of the team, Linda has worked in the industry for the past 30 years, bringing a wealth of wisdom to the table. Ty praises her on her deep knowledge of Simplot’s products and her ability to draw on specific examples when helping clients. “Linda can give you a ‘for instance’ for just about any situation,” says Ty. When she’s not leveraging her decades of experience to help her customers, Linda is busy raising over 100 head of cattle, as well as horses. Despite the demands of cattle ranching and her day job, Linda still finds time to volunteer her time in the community, teaching 4-H courses in horsemanship. And of course, there’s nothing she enjoys more than spending quality time with her granddaughters. Ty is in many ways the face of the Burley store. This young man has been on our team for over three years now and has made an impression on his coworkers as someone who is humble and personable. “He’s always willing to learn,” Linda says with a smile. “He’s got a great personality

It may be a small feed store just outside the main thoroughfare, but the Simplot Western Stockmen’s Burley location is anything but dull. While they do a lot of business with chicken farmers in the region, the shop has also helped exotic creatures great and small, from hedgehogs to Komodo dragons. In fact, one of the shop’s regulars takes care of rescued bobcats. “It’s a little nerve-wracking, working with a wild animal like that,” admits sales associate Ty Loveland with a laugh. “But they are very well-trained. The customer went through a training course to adopt them. He even had one that would ride on the back of his motorcycle.” With a little bravery and a lifetime of industry experience between them, Ty and the rest of the Burley store team have been able to meet the unique needs of each of their customers. Ty is joined in the store by his two fellow sales associates, Linda Zollinger and Monique Hurst. While they come from

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