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The ‘Why’ Behind Our ‘What’

At Scott Counsel PC, we help our clients with things like estate planning, business succession, and life resource planning, but you can get that from our website. At our law firm, what we do is not the only thing that matters. Why we do what we do matters just as much, if not more. I think this was something I always knew, but one book I’m always eager to recommend really laid this idea out better than I could ever express it. “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek outlines the importance of having a “why” behind your “what” in a way that anybody can understand, and that makes it easy to incorporate into your business. Many successful companies have relied on the framework that Sinek articulates, like Apple, Southwest Airlines, and Harley Davidson. Every one of these companies has garnered something that every business of any shape and size strives for: a loyal customer base that they’ve connected with on a personal level and will stick with through thick and thin. According to Sinek, every business needs to have an answer for three different questions. He depicts their increasing levels of importance in a series of concentric circles that he calls “the Golden Circle.”The outermost circle contains the question of “what” your business does, the middle circle asks “how” your business does what it does, and the central circle asks “why” your business does what it does. If the Golden Circle were a dartboard, the question of why would sit right where the bullseye would be. Sinek’s Golden Circle advocates for an inside-out approach to connecting with customers and clients. The Golden Circle inverts the order of operations that many business leaders utilize. They start with what they have to offer,

whether that be superior service, lower prices, or great products, instead of giving their customers or clients a purpose they can relate to. Once a business determines its purpose, they can figure out how to act on that purpose and develop values. Only after these first two steps should a business present the products or services that they offer. If a business follows this method, its “why,”“how,” and “what” all need to act in harmony. If a business’s products and values don’t match its purpose, customers will see them as inauthentic. In a world that puts increasing value on authenticity, harmony between these three questions is all the more important. You might argue that this is no more than a business strategy, that it’s just a way for business to feign a sense of heart in order to build their customer base. But it’s not. Scott Counsel isn’t some major corporation trying

to pad their bottom line. Our purpose is to make sure everyone is cared for at the end of their lives so they can have peace of mind. Whenever I have clients struggling to plan for a relative dealing with dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, I can’t help but be reminded of my grandmother’s struggle with Alzheimer’s years ago. I can definitely relate to the feelings of sadness, stress, and frustration my clients feel. I’ve been there before. At Scott Counsel, we care about our clients as if they were our own family, and we can empathize with what they’re going through. That’s why we can offer top tier advice on your end-of-life plan and help you rest easy.

-Justin Scott | 1

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