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Father’s Day has been synonymous with rest for as long as I can remember. When I was a kid, my grandparents would get a house near Lake Tahoe for the entire month of June. The Father’s Days of my childhood celebrating my dad and my grandpa always began with a nice breakfast followed by a hike to Eagle Rock with just the guys. After getting back to the house, we would toss a baseball or football around and maybe play some games inside. Finally, we would finish off the day by watching the last few hours of the U.S. Open. Year after year, we did the same thing, and I looked forward to it every time. Our June vacations to Lake Tahoe stopped around the time my siblings and I started going to college. Our lives filled with more responsibilities, and the time we used to have free disappeared. Grandpa stopped renting the house every year, and gradually, Father’s Day became less a fixed tradition and more an opportunity to spend casual time with one another. One thing that has remained constant is the U.S. Open. My dad and I still watch it every year.

Dad was never too serious about playing golf, but I played quite a bit once I got to college, and I still enjoy it today. I can trace my enjoyment of the game back to those Father’s Days spent when I was a kid. Even though I don’t get out on the course as often as I would like, I still get those couple of hours on Father’s Day every year for the Open. “EVEN THOUGH THE JUNE VACATIONS AT LAKE TAHOE ARE GONE, FATHER’S DAY IS STILL AN OPPORTUNITY TO RELAX WITH FAMILY.” It’s part of the restful pattern I’ve come to expect from Father’s Day now. Even though the June vacations at Lake Tahoe are gone, Father’s Day is still an opportunity to relax with family. My kids are old enough to cook me a breakfast of bacon and eggs, and then we just take the morning to spend time with

one another. After that comes the U.S. Open, and then we’ll try to take my dad out or invite him over for dinner. It’s one of the few times when no one feels the need to be busy with something, and I don’t mind that one bit. We still have the opportunity to visit Lake Tahoe every now and again, but never for as long as we used to when I was a kid. We’re too busy for that. But I’m glad we’re not too busy to take advantage of a day, like Father’s Day, to decompress from all the rushing around. You don’t always need a month or even a full week to get the rest and time with family you need. Sometimes a day is all it takes

–Mark Eddy

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